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Happy Christmas

Dec 31,2021 | FunnyFuzzyUKTeam

FuzzyNow Vol.04 Dec 2021
Happy Christmas

Product: Christmas Snuffle Mat(Out of stock now)
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'' Let the games begin!🎄 This snuffle mat is where it's at for us this Christmas😋We don't mind eating our treats a little slower when it's so much fun sniffing them out!🐶''


''Just hide some treats in the mat & let them sniff/forage away until they find them all. Great canine enrichment toy🎄🎄🐶''


''Bennie is obsessed!!!This thing is so great! Such a simple thing kept both notes occupied for a good 10min❤️❤️''


''One of it empty and one of it filled😋''



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