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Travel with Funny Fuzzy-Second Stop-Italy

Mar 15,2022 | Team FunnyFuzzyUK

FuzzyNow Vol.04 Mar 2022
Traveling with Funny Fuzzy--Second stop-Italy

Travel never stops! !
"I like to travel."💕
*FuzzyNow is a collection of buyers' shows where you can see various photos about the products in use.

"No matter how many meters above sea level I am, my portable mat is so soft and comfy and keeps me warm. It’s also a bag with a side pocket for treats useful during my magical adventures."


"I'm ready to cross the galaxy - the town and the country - in my new reflective raincoat."🚀💫


"Today we present to you this beautiful multi-purpose leash😍 it's very comfortable and durable."


"Today I'm showing you this gorgeous gift.😍
The leaf-shaped mat. 💛
It's super soft and it's perfect for not lying on the cold floor.😍"


"Omg, Sherlock is so happy to have a new super leaf bed 🍃♥️  have loads of cool shaped beds for your pups to try out!! "


3 things shopping for dogs teaches you:
1. ALWAYS take products that are comfortably washable (otherwise you'll never get out of them).
2. ALWAYS buy durable products (if multifunctional even better)
3. Understand your dog's colour scheme 😂😂

Which colour suits your dogs best?"



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