Be careful with your dog in spring!

2 Μάρ 2023 FunnyFuzzyUKTeam

Be careful with your dog in spring!

Spring is around the corner and everything is coming back to life, so it's time for your dog to get out and play after a winter at home! We have listed a few things to keep in mind for dogs in spring!

Dogs in heat

Spring is the time when dogs are in heat, and it is important to walk them on a lead to avoid them running around due to heat issues. Extend your dog's walks to allow them to play more and to burn off excess energy.

Spring moulting care

Spring is a time of moulting for dogs, and it is important that owners pay special attention during this time.

  • Use a comb or brush to comb the coat daily. If left uncombed, it can easily become tangled and cause skin disease;
  • Supplement with 3-5 egg yolks per week to make your dog's coat softer. Shiny and glossy~
  • There is no need to supplement your dog's diet during the spring or summer moulting period, a normal diet is fine.

De-shedding tools

Static brush, sticky paper roller, and vacuum cleaner etc.
Note: Family members with asthma or allergies to dog hair are advised to keep their distance from the dog during this period to avoid health problems.


Spring is a wet and warm time for parasites such as fleas, so when taking your dog out, make sure they don't run into bushes to play. It is also important to keep the home well ventilated and to keep dog supplies and kennels clean, preferably with regular disinfection. At this stage your dog is at risk of contracting parasites which can lead to skin diseases.
Symptoms of skin disease: frequent scratching, rubbing on the floor, redness of the skin, tongue licking or biting of itchy areas.

Cleaning products:

Long-lasting worming medication, special bathing gel, disinfectant spray.

Pay attention to health

Coughing caused by cold air is not a big deal, so take your pet's cold medicine for a few days and stay warm during the period. If the cough is caused by a virus, it should be treated at the vet.
Dogs may be vomiting from a virus or from eating too much. If it is vomiting, feed the dog some cat grass or take a vomit cream, but if you suspect the virus, seek medical attention. It is important to seek medical attention.
Many dogs are prone to diarrhoea. Overfeeding, acute enteritis, infectious diseases and parasitic diseases can all be triggers.


Pay more attention to regular feeding, drink more water and feed vitamins.
Get your dog vaccinated timely, and dogs that have been vaccinated are generally in better health.

Do you know anything else to look out for?

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