How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

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In a general sense, a healthful dog with a bit of flush surface and no skin disease doesn't require bathing daily. So it is an intelligent option to bathe your canine friend at least once every two or three months. Giving a bath to your dog is a superb chance to examine your dog's health condition whether there is any sign of a severe skin problem or not. There are numerous aspects to ponder when determining whether or not to increase the frequency of your dog's baths.

Dog's Activity Level:

If your dog is highly energetic and passes a lot of time outside, you will have to bath him more frequently specifically when they regularly play and splash in the dirt. Even if they are not running into messes, more active or athletic dogs require more regular baths to get rid of bad odor.

Types of skin and breed:

Long-haired or messy-haired dogs normally need to take a bath regularly and maintain their skin from matting. Short-haired dogs do not need a bath more often as long as they are healthy. But what If your dog has no hair? Less hairy dog breeds, such as the Chinese crested dog , require weekly bathing for skin protection. Those dogs who have very greasy skin also benefit from frequent baths to prevent oil-building elements on their skin. 

Hypersensitivity or Skin Issues:

Some dogs experience hypersensitivities or skin diseases  that may need proper medication and a regular bathing routine. In certain cases, the dog bath frequency will depend on the provided instructions by the veterinarian. Dogs with scratchy skin may also find comfort from regular baths.

Brush your Dogs skin between baths:

No matter how many times your dogs took a bath, regular brushing them provides benefits to keep the skin neat and clean. All dogs get benefit from regular brushing to remove loose and weak hair and dead skin cells. Brushing also keeps skin surface free of dirt, waste, and external parasites, as well as circulate natural skin oils across all the hair follicles.

Pick a Spot:

Bathing can be distressing, so having a place they are used to it will eliminate their fears or let them know what is going to happen? A lick pad is a great option to get your pup to sit calmly during a bath. You can simply stick the pad to the edge or the bottom.

Why should you give a bath to your dog?

There are certain reasons to give a bath to your dog that are unique to their breed activity level. The truth is that your dog is fine without a bath. Most of the dogs don't bother about bath time. Many patiently wait for their bath experience, while some give their owners a very tough time, and they avoid bath time as much as the dog wants.

Make it Fun:

Most of the dogs don't like to take baths more often, and they always make a tough situation for their owners. So make it enjoyable by doing some interesting activities. Bathing can be a great bonding between a dog and its owner. Give them a bath in a playful mood that they also get involved in playing and enjoy their bath.

How often should you make ready your dog?

Grooming your dog's hair and coat is another important responsibility of pet parents. The majority of breeds that need a haircut, for example, poodles and cockers, need to be seen every six to eight weeks to keep their skin from getting matted. Pet parents should watch and pay attention to overall hair and skin health while brushing their dogs.

Find the correct Bathing Products:

According to some experts, dogs can react negatively to some bath products and shampoos, even if they are specifically made for dogs. Medical signs of skin reactions include redness itchy skin. If you are not sure about the products which are suitable for your dog's skin, talk to your veterinarian, who knows your pup's medical history and will suggest the best recommendations. This is especially true if your dog goes through any skin issue.

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When to Call the Professionals:

Giving a bath to your dog is not an easy task because there are different kinds of dogs and skin types which need to be focused on separately because of different appearances and lengths. If you are alone and don't have spare time or wish to wash your dog at home, there is no shame to call an expert for assistance.

Take a long walk before the bath:

Many dogs enjoy the dive or swimming in the water to cool off when they are feeling hot. You can take this to your advantage. By walking on a nice and sunny day, the dog's temperature will be rise, and he would have to wish to get a bath. He must be calm during his bath time. If he is not calm, handling him in the bathtub would be a hassle or tough job. Walking has a calming factor; when this day rolls around in the dirt, make it fun so that it can be a more enjoyable time for you and your dog.

There is one point which should be discussed how often bath your little pup during the winter season. In cold weather, you should avoid giving baths often to your furry dogs to ensure that they would maintain the best health. You must ensure that you bathe your puppy occasionally to help it prevent dirt, mud, and external parasites. Make sure that in chill weather, you always bathe your little friend indoors because it would be a great plan to increase the room's temperature or keep a heater nearby the bathroom. And most importantly, before you start bathing your dog, first check the water temperature. (make sure that the water temperature is neither too high nor too low). It would calm the dog during the whole bath time. 

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