Is My Dog Getting Allergy To His Bed?

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Is My Dog Getting Allergy To His Bed? A lot of people who own a pet dog don't realize the health problems their dog can face in later life, especially if it is an indoor dog. Allergies are a common problem and they are often caused by the dog's bedding. A dog's skin is probably the most important part of him.

It protects his internal organs, keeps him warm and it's also good for touch and smell. So, if a dog is constantly itching, licking, biting, and scratching at his skin, it's a big problem as it might mean that he's suffering from an allergy. Let’s explore this topic further and see why dogs get allergic to their beds and how to treat this issue.

Is My Dog Allergic To His Bed?

Dog allergies occur when a dog’s immune system overreacts to a naturally harmless substance, such as pollen or pet fur. The resulting allergic reaction prompts the body to produce antibodies that fight against the presumed invader and destroy it. This response is harmful, causing itching, possible hives, sneezing, coughing, and even breathing difficulties.

Different things can cause allergies to dogs, and your dog’s bed may just be the latest one to join the list. While contact allergy is considered the least common in dogs, there are still subtle materials used in some dog beds made of synthetic fabrics like wool or latex that can cause itchy skin reactions. A dog that is allergic to his bed will show different symptoms such as

  • Sneezing
  • Skin irritation
  • Hair loss
  • Skin abrasions or cuts
  • Incessant scratching

Why Your Dog May Allergic To His Bed?

Dog beds contain a lot of allergens and sometimes they are the main cause of allergic reactions. Here are some of the main dog allergens

Dust Mites

Dust mites are the most infamous allergens that are easily found on carpets, textiles, and beddings. The environment is a very important contributor to the growth and feeding habits of dust mites. The bedroom is warm and humid, which adds to the number of dust mites as these are the best conditions that they need to thrive on. Dust mites themselves are not the cause of allergy but it is their feces that cause an allergic reaction in your dog.


Cleaning your dog’s bed can be a trying task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult and anyone with a pet understands that you have to constantly clean up after them! One thing to remember that may help though is that your pup may not necessarily like the smells of any detergents or even dryer sheets so keep this in mind and instead opt for hypoallergenic alternatives instead. Even if your dog only sleeps in their bed at night, coming into contact with particles released during the cleaning process could still trigger an allergic reaction.


If your dog has been sleeping on a bed that is full of mold then you can appreciate the ramifications of this! Mold is the term given to fungi that can be found almost everywhere. So your dog is continuously exposed without realizing it! Though not harmful in small doses, it can be an issue for dogs who are allergic to molds.


Fleas are present wherever your dog spends most of his time. Flea bites are one of the main causes of allergic reactions. Although flea bites may seem like small nuisances to dogs, they are in fact very painful to them. Even the most sensitive dogs with flea allergies have been known to scratch themselves until they bleed.

How To Make Your Dog Get Rid Of Dog Allergy?

To help your dog to get rid of his allergies you have to do certain to confirm what your dog is actually allergic to. For this purpose, veterinarians recommend blood allergy tests and skin allergy tests. Other things that you should do are

Keep Hygiene of Your Dog Bed

  • There are simple ways that you can help to minimize allergies at home. One practical way is by using some of the typical household supplies like a dry mop or vacuum cleaner that you can easily pick up at any local department store.
  • Every dog owner needs to realize that having a clean dog bed is imperative to prevent allergies from setting in. It's so essential to purchase washable beds because they not only make the dog feel comfortable, but they also keep unwanted allergens at bay. Because washable covers are removable, it tends to always be an easier task to take care of them than it is with non-washable covers. The owner must wash these on at least a monthly basis or every time they wash their bedsheets.
  • Never buy a blanket that is not washable because it is a waste of money. An inexpensive bed itself is a cause of allergy.

Protect Your Dog from Fleas

If your dog is not on flea medication he can get a flea allergy now and then. Keep your dog on flea protection medication throughout the year.

Regularly Replace Your Dog Bed

The dog bed should be replaced every few years or dependent on their wear and tear. Old dog beds that are worn out can cause health problems and can be a source of allergies. Choose the right material for a dog bed

Outer Fabric

The outer fabric is the thing that your dog's skin is in contact with so always chose a material that is safe for your dog like Polypropylene fabric.


The type of bed material that you choose for your dog is important. Dogs can ingest small particles of plastic which will be harmful to them. Polypropylene, the material found in most commercial dog beds today, is safe for dogs because it does not release any harmful components which could potentially harm a dog over time.

When selecting a new bed a Biscuit dog bed can be a great choice. This bed is not only soft and comfortable but made of hypoallergenic polypropylene fiber. This dog bed is also easily washable.


Exposure to multiple allergens can aggravate allergies in dogs. However, some dogs are allergic to specific materials such as feathers, wool, and synthetic fillings. If your dog is allergic to his bedding, you can try to get a hypoallergenic bed and clean your dog's bed on regular basis.

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