Should a Dog Wear a Waterproof Coat?

11 Νοέ 2023 FunnyFuzzyUKTeam

On a rainy day, we want to take our dog out for a walk, what should we do? Should we put waterproof coat on them? Well, the answer is generally yes for pet dog. But there is no clear-cut answer to this question, depending on the breed, size, age of the dog, and also the weather conditions. 

pet dog in a rainy day

Can dogs not wear raincoats?

Indeed, dogs are not born with a need for raincoats. But as a pet dog living in urban families, raincoats are indispensable. Why? 

dirt and wind proof raincoat

Reflective All-weather Waterproof Dog Rain Coat

  • Keeping Warmth : For puppies, short haired dogs (such as Weimar dogs and Greyhounds), hairless dogs (such as Crested dogs), elderly dogs, and sick dogs, waterproof coats are necessary. The low temperature and raindrops on rainy days can cause them to catch a cold. Waterproof coats can provide a certain degree of warmth and also prevent our pets from getting soaked. 
  • Preventing Skin Diseases : Wet hair not only makes dogs feel cold, but even worse, if not dried in a timely manner, the moisture between the hair and the heat emitted by the body can create a humid and hot environment, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites, and dogs are likely to develop skin diseases as a result.
  • Keeping Their Hair Dry and Clean : Unless you have a separate pet room, you definitely don't want to sleep with a mud ball. Walking the dog on a rainy day can cause almost all four legs of the dog to get muddy, and it is difficult to escape the mud splashes on their abdomens due to walking. If it is a long haired dog and does not wear a raincoat, it usually needs to be pulled directly into the bathroom to take a shower...

Something You Should Know 

If you have already selected the waterproof raincoat you want to buy, you should also pay attention to some details, as it is often the design flaws in the details that cause some headaches. 

a dog wearing waterproof coat

Large Dog Outdoor Jacket Waterproof Adjustable Dog Rain Coat

1. Make sure the fabric is waterproof and durable.

Many raincoats are made of ordinary single-layer PVC fabric, which is usually fine in light rain but can still penetrate during heavy rain. Moreover, due to its lack of breathability, and it is more likely to cause skin diseases to your dog.

Wearing a raincoat that is too thin can easily damage it. So it is best to choose high-quality waterproof fabrics, such as lotus leaf waterproof fabrics or woven waterproof fabrics. These fabrics are waterproof and have the softness of the fabric, and have good breathability.

2. Double check the breathability of the coat.

When choosing a raincoat, looking good is not enough. For example, many beautiful raincoats use hard plastic, their breathability is very poor, and the dog's body heat cannot be expelled from the body in a timely manner, mixed with the moisture in the air and suffocated in the raincoat.

Many outdoor pet product brands use breathable fabric for the inner layer of their jackets and raincoats, which can keep the outer layer waterproof while keeping the hair completely dry.

3. Choose those coats with fine joint treatment.

Finally, pay attention to how the seams of the raincoat are handled. Ordinary flat needle seams may have gaps between the fabric surface and needle thread, making it difficult to avoid water vapor infiltration. Some large brand raincoats use three-dimensional edge sealing treatment to prevent rainwater and moisture from seeping into the interior of the raincoat.

Why Some Dogs Dislike Wearing Waterproof Coats?

Dogs naturally dislike having something pressing on their backs, and some even dislike being hugged, seeing hugs as potential threats. 

What to do? Purchase a raincoat of the appropriate size to ensure that the raincoat does not tightly grip the dog and make it feel constrained. Or, you can choose a raincoat that is easy to wear, which can effectively reduce their aversion to raincoat.

KEEP IN MIND! If the manufacturer does not provide a size chart, DON'T PURCHASE FROM THEM! This indicates that this manufacturer is not professional enough, and that the size of the waterproof coat may not suit your pet, which can be very vexing. 


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