The Benefits of Slow Feeding For Your Dog

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When it's time to feed, does your dog gulp everything up? Do you have concerns about your dog choking on their food because they inhale it? 

This is usually familiar in giant breed dogs. It's harmful to their health and might cause you emotional distress.

So, you have to figure out a solution to this issue. The most appropriate answer is slow feeding! For this, you can try a slow-feeding dog bowl. It can undoubtedly help! How?

Slow feeding your dog may alleviate a great deal of anxiety in your dog's life. Haven't you tried it yet? It's time to give it a go. They're not costly, but they might improve your dog's health.

I will represent the significant benefits of slow feeding for your dog in this context. Let's continue!

So, What is a Slow Feeder?

In general, dogs like eating; some even gobble down their meals at a rapid pace. For various reasons, dogs are known for their speedy eating habits. 

Some dogs, like Labradors, are naturally voracious eaters, but your dog's voracious appetite might also be due to other factors.

This difficulty can be eased by using slow feeding. So, what is the method of slow feeding then? Dog food bowls with barriers built-in are called "slow-feeders." 

The slow feeder dog bowl has diverse styles and dimensions and may be used on the floor or as elevated dishes. They all have one thing in common: They slow your dog down as they eat, which is suitable for many dogs!

While eating, they must first overcome the barriers that slow feeders place in their way. Slow feeders provide our pets the opportunity to forage for food, just like they would if they were in the wild.

Though hunting for a meal in the wild isn't quite the same, it helps the animals reconnect with their natural hunting instincts rather than eating two times a day when humans provide food.

Slow feeders come in a range of sizes and types, depending on the size of our dogs and whether or not we want to add variation to our pet's meals.

Feeders now on the market come in different forms. You can consider the Kong Wobbler and Northgate Interactive Feeders:

Why is Slow Feeding a Good Idea for Dogs?

The fact that your dog eats so quickly isn't just a behavioral characteristic. Dogs can suffer gastric decompression and volvulus (GDV) or bloat, which is fatal since it causes the stomach to twist and accumulate gas.

Take your dog to the vet right away if you see any of the following symptoms: a swollen belly, dry heaving, noises of agony, and excessive drooling and panting.

 Slow feeder bowls for dogs can reduce the chance of bloat and other digestive problems. Several differences exist between a slow feeder and a conventional open bowl, such as higher centers and ridges.

These components help you eat more slowly and with fewer bites. Dogs love it when their food comes in colorful shapes, making mealtime more of a game for them.

Many slow feeder bowls are available in various depths, and if your dog is often discouraged by obstacles, it may be worth trying out one of the shallower bowls. Dogs with a fearless nature can handle more challenging terrain. 

Benefits of Using a Slow Feed Bowl You May Not Expect

Some of the benefits and reasons to buy a slow feeder dog bowl, depending on the areas in which you are trying to aid your dog:

• Eliminates the Need for Vomiting:

The smaller quantities of food ingested at a time in a slow-feeder dog dish help to keep most dogs from vomiting. As a result, the meal is more able to be digested.

• Stops Your Dog from Choking:

Slow and smaller serving sizes will also help prevent your dog from choking, in the same way preventing vomiting does. Dogs eat a lot, and they do it quickly—especially when they're starving, which can cause them to choke and vomit.

• Prevents Abdominal Pain and Distress:

Putting too much food in your dog's stomach at once might give them a lot of pain. They may also pass a great deal of gas due to it. Farting from eating too quickly may be the source of your dog's nasty odor and recent bowel movement.

• Reduces Bloating:

When dogs eat too quickly, they ingest air, which causes food bloat and burp or farting. These issues can be avoided if more tightly regulated and consumed slower.

Why is Dog Bloat Dangerous?

Dog bloat is a known term for a dog owner. The gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) complex is often known as a dog's Bloat. Emergency surgery and medical care are needed for this immediately.

Increased pressure in the stomach causes blood from the rear legs and abdomen to be unable to flow back to the heart. Because of the reduced functional blood volume, the dog goes into shock due to blood pooling at the rear of the body.

Then, to top it all off, another horrifying occurrence occurs, which is heartbreaking to witness. The spleen and pancreas are cut off from the blood supply when the stomach flips. Hormones produced by an oxygen-starved pancreas are incredibly harmful.

There is a unique one that specifically targets the heart and kills it. In reality, a dog may have gone through excellent therapy and appear to be out of danger to have its heart stop unexpectedly.

A dog's life is at risk even in the mildest form of Bloat, which is exceedingly unusual.

How Can You Help Your Dog Eat Slower?

Here are some helpful hints to help you slow down your dog's eating: 

• Purchase Slow-Feeder Bowls:

These slow-feed dog dishes are designed for dogs that eat too rapidly.

While purchasing, you should check reviews to ensure that they work well with your dog's breed. You can also make your slow-feeder bowl by feeding your dog in two dishes.

• Buy Food Puzzles:

A dog puzzle is also great for slowing your dog's eating. They are similar to slow-feeders in that they include nooks and crannies for your dog's food, making vast gulps of food difficult.

Dog's puzzles are available in diverse styles, ranging from lying flat on the ground to those that dispense food as your dog plays.

• Cookie Sheet or Muffin Pan:

Kibble is hard to consume if you spread it out on a cookie sheet since it's so tiny.

Using a muffin pan is similar. Use the entire pan, filling each mini muffin cup with food.

• Separating dogs during mealtimes:

If you have multiple dogs, mealtime may be a contest. Please don't feed your dogs in the same room, so they don't wolf down their food.

• Organize your feedings schedule:

"Provide your dog on a regular schedule and feed several short meals rather than a single large meal," explains Jennifer Quammen, DVM, of Grants Lick Veterinary Hospital in Butler, Kentucky. This can lower the rate of their eating.

Wrapping Up

So, the real question is: Is a slow feeder dog bowl appropriate for you? Indeed, if you think the benefits exceed the potential negatives, you should get a slow feeder.

On the other hand, this is an ideal choice if you're more concerned about eliminating the potential health issues of your pet dog. 

It's up to you to decide what's best for you and your dog, but we strongly suggest that you think about it.

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