The Importance of the Right Dog Bowl

12 Ιαν 2022 FunnyFuzzyUKTeam

Everyone who has a pet, especially a dog, knows how necessary it is to have a right-sized dog bowl.  After all, there are countless ways a dog bowl affects the dog itself that you might be surprised!

Some dog breeds have huge heights that can be difficult for them to eat from the floor, while other dogs are so small that they can be easily floor-fed.

However, when it comes to large dog breeds like a german shepherd, golden retriever, or the one with the same close or more height, these can face spinal disease at some point in their lives if not fed with the correctly-sized dog bowl.

Sounds horrifying, right?

Nevertheless, due to a lack of knowledge, many owners have witnessed their dog's spinal disease leading their dogs to a morbid life, whereas many choose the best for their dogs.

If you want to fall in the latter category, now's the time to start thinking about choosing the right elevated dog food bowl.

Causes of Dog Spinal Disease Morbidity

• Degenerative Myelopathy

Myelopathy generally refers to bone marrow and spinal column disease. However, there are no specific reasons behind the disease, and so it is considered a degenerative disease.

The general symptoms of this disease are maintaining correct posture, Spinal reflexes that are too strong, inability to control urine, significant loss of muscle mass, paralysis or limb paralysis, and fatigue or fewer activity levels.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi, German Shepherd, Boxers, Collies, Irish Setters, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are some of the most common victims of this disease.

Along with degenerative myelopathy, another diagnosis can be made: Intervertebral discs of type II, Spondylosis Deformans, Lumbosacral stenosis (spine or pelvic bone shrinks unusually), or Orthopaedic disorders.

• Inaccurate Sized Dog Bowl Stands

This has nothing to do with disease, but it does relate to daily habits. Hobbies have the same effect on the mind and body in everyday life. If the height of your dog's bowl stand does not match their height, the spinal cord may be subjected to extraordinary exerted pressure.

Slowly and consistently, the spinal cord will adjust to the incorrect behaviors you taught your dog by feeding them through a dog bowl stand that does not match their height.

This approach of giving food usually affects canines who are taller and healthier, such as German Shepherd, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Golden Retrievers, Irish Setters, and many more.

• Nutritional Diseases

The dietary risk factor is the third major factor in spinal cord illness. A large number of meals consumed does not imply that the dog is getting enough nutrients from the food consumed. Rather, accurate calculations for a nutrient-dense diet are required. Many dogs have growth problems due to a poor diet or a homemade diet.

A well-balanced diet is critical for you, and the same is true for your dogs. Nutrients are critical in the development of children and the prevention of harm, including degenerative illnesses. A decent diet also determines how long your dog will live on this planet; a high-nutrient diet equals a longer lifespan.

Here's a case study of a 6-year-old female schnauzer dog: "Dietary imbalances in a large breed puppy, leading to compression fractures, vitamin D deficiency, and suspected secondary nutritional hyperparathyroidism."

This case study shows how important a well-balanced diet is for dogs. Having a wrong height dog bowl stand can also make your dog hungry or disinterested in the meal due to height. This disinterest can also lead to a nutritional risk factor, especially if you are at work when they generally eat.

Serious Consequences or Dog Spinal Cord Disease Morbidity

Your dog can face orthopedic disorders, Arthritis, inability to walk, never-ending fatigue, back pain, trouble sleeping, trouble eating, disinterest in usual playful activities, and permanent paralysis just from the wrong posture caused due to the wrong dog bowl stand.

Other than this, there can be serious complications like changes in sexual fertility, restrictive movement, spasms, issues in breathing, intense pain, loss of bowel control, difficulty in slight walking, pain in the neck, and numbness.

Now you'll be thinking about how you can save your beloved dog from getting spinal cord disease? Easy! Funny Fuzzy has a good range of ergonomic designed elevated dog bowl stands.

If you want to buy a raised dog bowl stand and food bowl perfect for your pet, you can visit FunnyFuzzy for the Canine Ergonomics Dining Table For Double Bowls.

This product is perfectly designed to make eating much more comfortable for dogs. This thus improves your pet's posture, lessens the pressure on their joints and spine, and improves digestion, making your dog much more healthy overall.

Plus, the material the bowls are made from is corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, and high food grade, making this the safest dog bowl!

Still, you might want more details on how it will make a difference in your furry friend's life. So let's discuss how it can benefit your dog.

Benefits of Funny Fuzzy's Elevated Dog Bowl Stand

• Perfectly Measured Height

The elevated dog bowl stand is made under international standards. This compliance with the international standards assures your dog to have the best-raised  dog bowl stand suitable for its height.

The dog bowl stand is made for good-sized dogs, such as Boxers and Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Perfect height means that the food will always be easily accessible for your pet.

• Foldable

Funny Fuzzy's dog stand bowl is foldable, which is one of its greatest features. Many manufacturers of dog stand bowls do not provide this alternative, but Funny Fuzzy assures that you receive the finest raised dog bowl stands.

After feeding your beloved dog, a foldable stand allows you to save room and space.

• Solid Structure

This dog bowl stand is made up of metal. Despite its structure being entirely made of metal, it is nonetheless simple to move or pick up. The stand's solid structure also prevents it from breaking.

• Easy To clean

Funny Fuzzy has made cleaning easy for you. Although the product is metallic, it can be easily washed and rinsed for perfect hygiene for your dog. Easy to clean metal lets your dog enjoy clean and healthy living.

• Non Corrosive

Another interesting feature about this stand is that due to non Corrosive resistant layering, it does not allow the metal to rust. Daily cleaning sometimes can make metallic stands corrode.

As corrosion shortens the metallic life, it is made hundred percent corrosion-free.

• Holds Two bowls

The best thing about having two bowls is that if you have one dog, he can enjoy both meal and liquid at the same time.


If you choose FunnyFuzzy, you'll be sure to receive the best product, and that way; you can protect your dog's spine from spinal disease and, as a result, avoid any major complications that may emerge.

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