Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

31 Ιαν 2023 FunnyFuzzyUKTeam

Squeaky dog toys are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Having such a variety of toys means that every dog will be able to have a pet squeaky toy that they adore. Still, it is a question to wonder; why do dogs love squeaky dog toys?

Some reasons that your pup may love a squeaky toy include:

  1. Their animalistic instincts may drive the love for squeaky toys: dogs are natural predators in terms of attacking or hunting their prey. The squeaky sounds that pet toys make sounds like an animal they would’ve caught to the dog itself. It is essentially believed that the high-pitched sound that squeaky dog toys make triggers a dog’s drive to hunt its prey.
  2. The toys may give your dog immediate gratification or pleasure: when dogs bite their pet toys, the noise they hear proves how strong their bite is. Doing is often conditions them to receive positive feedback; hence they get aggressive with their pet toys.
  3. Dogs may not realize this, but they might like to chew toys because it helps their teeth: gum and tooth health is improved via consistent chewing. The biting and chewing essentially massages the dog's gums, making them feel good because of it.
  4. The sounds that chew toys make may even work as an attention grabber. If the dog is attempting to gain its owner's attention but is unable to, it might use its squeaky pet toys to get its owner to listen.

How to play with Squeaky toys:

  • If you've bought your dog a bunch of new toys, but they don't seem interested, you might want to play with them. You can do this by squeaking the toys to attract the dog, and then put the toy in its mouth until it gets the hang of it.
  • To trigger their prey instincts, try to move the toys against the floor away from the dog, so they get excited to chase the toy and run after it.
  • Try to involve yourself in the excitement of playing with your dog. This will make your dog enjoy playing with the toys and may even distract them from unwanted behaviours such as gnawing on sofas etc.

Although squeaky toys are a fun experience for your dogs, there are some things to be careful about regarding health concerns.

A few things to be aware of:

1) A Choking Hazard: Squeaky toys, if made in the form of plushies, can be a serious choking hazard. Dogs like to rip apart these toys. If your dog ingests the stuffing inside those toys, they can have serious complications and may even need surgery. The part of the squeaky toy that makes the squeaky noise can also be ingested.

2) Keep an Eye on Squeaky Toys: Try to inspect your dog's squeaky pet toys after every playtime. See if there are any rips or missing pieces or if the toy is in a damaged condition and thus likely to be ripped apart easily. You can throw these out or replace them.

3) Supervision May Be Required: Make sure to supervise your dogs when they are playing with the kinds of toys that can be ripped apart, ingested, or damage your dog’s internal health. If the worst-case scenario happens, you can act quickly, knowing it has happened in front of you. In the case that you are unaware or realize that your dog has ingested some kind of material that will hurt them, you may not even realize the issue until it's too late.

4) Be proactive in your choice of squeaky toys: Try only to keep the kinds of squeaky toys that your dog is unlikely to damage. You know your dog best. If you can, get toys that your dog is unable to break apart. If at some point you are unable to supervise your dog while he plays with his squeaky pet toys and something, later on, feels off about their health, be proactive and get him checked out before things worsen.

Now, where is it that you can find some of the best squeaky pet toys for your adorable pets? Funny fuzzy is just the right place for all sorts of pet needs, especially plush squeaky toys.

Playtime for Pup:

1.    Plush Squeaky Dog Toy - Big Mac

The plush squeaky big mac is the perfect toy to attract your dog's attention. Because the big mac can be taken apart in terms of its ingredients connected via Velcro, the dog hag has a lot to play with. Every layer being a different colour will keep your dog busy for quite some time, be it the green of the lettuce, the red of the tomato, or the brown of the patty.

Made from polyester, the toys are washable; they can be as good as new after every playtime.

2.    Plush Squeaky Dog Toy Set – Cactus

The cactus plush toy has a loud squeaky speaker to attract your dog’s attention immediately, encouraging them to play with it with all their energy. Not only can you play fetch and chase with your dog with this toy, but you can also use these toys as part-time décor. The set comes with two cactuses, one bigger than the other.

3.    Plush Squeaky Dog Toy - Strawberry Potted

This particular dog toy, made from polypropylene, is another good option. With all the strawberries hanging on it installed with squeaky speakers, leaves that make a rattling sound, and the base of the potted plant, it's essentially a 3-in-1 toy, perfect for energetic dogs. It is also the most appropriate toy to give to your dog if they are being left alone to ease their anxiety of being left alone.

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