Why Does My Dog Sit on Me?

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Dogs love to cuddle in the laps of their owners. But most pet owners start wondering, why does my dog sit on me even when there are lots of resting spots in the home? There can be plenty of reasons for this behavior. Large dogs prefer to sit on you because they want to mark their territory. So, here we’ll discuss the most common reasons why dogs sit on humans. 

10 Reasons Why Dogs Sit On Humans

As mentioned earlier, there can be plenty of reasons for this behavior, and here we’ll share the ten most important reasons why dogs do this. 

1. They Show Their Love

Lots of dog breeds are loving and caring, and they love to be close to their human companions. For example, Maltese, Bichon Fries, and Chihuahuas are known for their loving nature. They love to establish a strong bonding with their owners. Similarly, some large dog breeds like Golden Retrievers, Mastiffs, Great Danes, and Irish Setters are also loving dog breeds. 

So, regardless of their sizes, they love to cuddle because they show their love by doing this. Ideally, they prefer to sit on their chest and feet. When they make physical contact with you, it provides them comfort. 

2. They Show Their Dominance

Most pets do this when there are multiple pets at home. They sit on your lap to show their dominance. By doing this, they signal other pets that they’re in charge. In simple words, when they sit in your lap, they feel in power. 

Sometimes they get aggressive when they see someone coming towards you. But it’s not a positive sign, and it should be discouraged. You can do it with proper training or seek the help of a professional. 

3. To Mark Their Territory

Dogs use their scent to mark their territory. They spread their scent in your lap to communicate different messages to other pets. They might rub their body against yours or sit on you to spread their scent. Moreover, they do this to mark their territory. You might not see this behavior if you have only one dog. They mostly do this when there are multiple pets present at home. The best way is to bring a dog blanket and let your dogs mark it as their territory. 

4. To Get Close to Their Owners

Dogs know how to get the attention of their owners. When they sit on their owners, they develop bonding with you. They prefer to be close to you so that they can contact you. 

5. They Want to Play

Dogs use different tactics to communicate with their owners. When they come and sit on you, it means they want you to play with them. They do this when you’re sitting outdoor on the floor or grass. Along with sitting, they might lick, nuzzle, and whine to tell that they want to play with you. 

6. To getting Comfort

Dogs prefer cozy places, and a human lap can be a perfect one. Sometimes they sit on you, or when you get up from your chair to do something, they will quickly jump and sit on your chair. It means they want to get comfort. Again, the best option is to get a dog blanket and let them enjoy the comfort they’re looking for. 

Most dogs sit on you to provide you comfort. They’re good at reading emotions. Whenever they feel that you’re in discomfort, they will sit on you to provide you comfort. Some trained dogs can also serve as therapy dogs. Even if your dog isn’t trained, he will still do his best to provide you with the comfort you need. 

7. They Feel Safe

When dogs feel worried or fearful, they would love to sit in your lap. Small dogs do this because they get shelter in your lap. The purpose of sitting on you is that you’ll protect them from all dangers. If you don’t want your dog to do this, provide them with a hiding place or dog blanket so that they can feel safe there. 

8. They Like to Cuddle

Sometimes your dogs like to cuddle in your lap because they want to develop bonding with their owners. Moreover, cuddling provides them an opportunity to get closer to you. For example, when you come back home after work, they’ll quickly sit on you for cuddling. Don’t punish your dog for this behavior because it can lead to behavioral issues like aggression. 

9. Separation Anxiety

It’s common in dogs and cats. They suffer from it when you don’t spend time with them. So, whenever they find an opportunity, they try to sit on you. When dogs suffer from separation anxiety, they develop behavioral issues. 

They sit on you so that you can’t leave them alone. Separation anxiety shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, you need to address this issue as soon as possible. A professional trainer can help them learn how to live alone and be happy when you’re not around. 

10. When Your Dog Is Bored

When dogs get bored or have nothing to do, they’ll sit on you. They do this to spend quality time with you. In this case, take your dog for exercise or play with them. If possible, have fun with your four-legged friend.  

How to Prevent Your Dog from Sitting on You?

Remember, if your dog is sitting on you, there is nothing to be worried about. You can stop this behavior by:

  • Bring favorite toys
  • Purchasing a dog blanket to provide them the required comfort
  • Discourage this behavior by training your pet. You can train them to seek permission for sitting on your lap
  • You can stop this behavior by showing positive reinforcement
  • If they’re sitting on you and they’re doing it because of medical issues, take your dog to the vet to fix this issue. 

So, if you’re tired of your dog sitting on you, bring the following dog blankets and bed for your four-legged friend and discourage this behavior. 

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