How To Prepare For A New Dog?

Feb 17, 2022 FunnyFuzzyUKTeam

The term “unconditional love” undoubtedly reminds us of three relations; our parents, children, and pets. Our pets, especially dogs, love us selflessly without expecting any returns. These four-legged creatures are certainly the most innocent and yet the most sensible living beings; they console you and cheer you up when you are at your lowest and stay by your side when you are in need. 

So, are you planning to bring a new dog home? Your pup’s playfulness will introduce you to a different level of joy. However, this is not as easy as it seems; you will gradually have to build your relationship with this new member. Moreover, you will have to prepare beforehand to make things easier for your dog. 

If you don’t know what needs to be done, don't worry! We have some awesome tips to help you prepare for this change.


Before Bringing Your New Dog Home

Bringing your new dog home is like welcoming a new member of your family. Therefore, the most important aspect is to be mindful of your dog’s distinct needs, wants, and desires and give him the space and time he requires to adjust to the new routine and surroundings. 

Remember, it takes time for pets to get used to you, your place, habits, and temperament. So stay calm and adopt a compassionate attitude towards this innocent being. Gradually, you will build and nurture a loving bond effortlessly. Besides that, there are some prerequisites you need to meet. 




Get a New Veterinarian for Your Pup

Finding a professional and experienced veterinarian is one of the most important and, unfortunately, the most neglected aspect of keeping a pet dog.  you have to be extra careful about that. After all, it is about the life of a living being. 

Therefore, take references and reviews from other dog owners in your area and choose the best veterinarian specialized in treating dogs. This advice is specifically for those who have lost their pet dogs to some disease or had terrible experiences with a veterinarian previously.




Do Your Research

What would you do to welcome your newborn as a new parent? Wouldn't you do all that it takes to comfort and nurture your little one? Well, the best practice is to adopt the same affectionate, caring, and exciting attitude when it comes to bringing a dog home. So, research the species, find out their likes and dislikes, and do it all that you would have done for your newborn. 




Puppy-Proof Your House

Again, you have to prepare yourself as if you are about to bring a toddler home. Rearrange your space and recall the blunders you made when bringing your last pet dog home for better results. Make sure you do the following:

  • Unplug all the electric cords and keep them out of reach. 
  • Move poisonous plants and medicines to a place not in reach.
  • Invest in covered dustbins because, as you already know, pups are attracted to smells. 
  • Avoid keeping sharp objects at an easily reachable spot.
  • You are also suggested to be aware of choking hazards. For instance, coins, pins, nails, rubber bands, or jewelry items can choke your dog.
  • Keep your doors and windows closed.
  • Secure your drawers, cabinets, and cupboards with latches. 






Make an Exercise Plan

Dogs can never sit idle. They constantly move here and there and are fond of keeping themselves engaged all the time. Keeping this in view, every sensible dog owner must plan and schedule morning or evening walks with their dogs. So, you must plan exercises and activities you can do with your pet dog. Honestly, there's no substitute for the shine and happiness it brings to your dog’s eyes. 




Buy all the Necessary Things!!!

Last but not least, you must invest in the necessary supplies (accessories, toys, and edible items) every dog needs. Let's make a checklist for your ease.

• Adjustable Collar

An adjustable collar is one of the essentials. It comes in various shapes, styles, materials, and sizes, and thus you must first know which adjustable collar will be a perfect fit for your new pet dog. Some dogs are also allergic to certain collar materials. Be careful and do your research first. It will help you purchase a comfortable and suitable collar for your beloved pet. 

• Dog Leash

Dogs are sometimes scared of sharp lights, loud sounds, and traffic. Some of them are even scared of unknown human beings. That is why, upon seeing, hearing, or experiencing any of these, they react, run, bark, and go out of control. Under such circumstances, a dog leash serves as a valuable possession. So, equip yourself for such events beforehand.

• Dog Bowl

Never use your table or floor for giving your dog his food. It can make your dog habitual to eating anything, and everything randomly put at these particular spots. To avoid making this mistake, invest in a dog bowl. These dog bowls come in various cute shapes, colors, and sizes; choose the one that appeals to you.

• Dog Blanket

Irrespective of what season it is, your dog will love to have a blanket. It makes him feel cozy, comfortable and protected. Therefore, visit the nearest pet shop or make this purchase online. You will love your dog's response to this purchase later on.

• Dog Bed

Yes, your dog can easily sleep on a carpeted floor, but there is no harm in going a little extra for your pup. Invest in a dog bed. It looks good, comforts your dog, and serves as a home to your pet.

• A Few Toys 

It is not practically possible for you to be around and play with your dog all the time. A practical solution to this problem is to buy a few dog toys your dog is likely to love. It will ease and convenience to your life and keep your pet dog entertained and active.

• Dog Food

A hungry dog goes loud, fierce, and crazy. We are sure; you do not want to land in such trouble. So, stock up on dog food timely, but be careful only to pick suitable, healthy, and safe options for your dog. You may also pick the ones that your dog likes to eat. 

Bringing a new dog home brings a lot of joy to your life. But you have to prepare yourself for this change and behave like a caring parent to this loving creature. Prepare using our tips, and you will be ready to welcome your new dog like a pro in no time.

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