How to Tell Your Dog You Love Him? 7 Ways to Show Your Love in Dog Language

Feb 9, 2022 FunnyFuzzyUKTeam

“Dogs just need you and love, that’s all!”

This popular quote by Jennifer Westfeldt is the most beautiful truth that every dog lover can feel and relate to. Dogs are the most loyal and adorable animals on earth that only understand the language of LOVE.

But dog owners often fail to express their love in the way their pets can understand. This leads to issues like aggressive or frightened behavior. For instance, dogs don't like to be hugged, especially when they are feeling trapped. Hugging is considered the best way to show love among human beings but for the canine companions; it's not as soothing and lovely as we think. Another mistake most dog owners make is to kiss them to show their love. But unfortunately, dogs hate to be kissed, which is why they wrinkle their nose and run away once they are released.

But without making such mistakes, most people still fail to show their dogs how much they love them. But worry not because we bring you some useful tips and tricks to let your dog know how much you love and care for him. So, let’s get straight into it!  

Lean on Your Dog

Leaning on your dog is the common and easiest way to show love and care to them. Dogs are loving creatures. They, especially big dogs, love cuddling and canoodling. If your dog leans against you, it means they feel secure and comfortable, and you can show your love by doing the same.

However, dogs are afraid of loud noises, so they may lean on you when they don’t feel secure. You can show them your love by leaning back and rubbing the back as they see you as their protector.

Give Soft Baked Treats and Jerky Chews

Dogs love to eat soft-baked items and jerky chews. These treats come fortified with healthy nutrients now days so pick trusted brands.  They are generally safe; for example, beef jerky treats are suitable for dogs of all sizes, though you may need to break them into smaller pieces for small breeds.

But like any treat, these goodies should be given in moderation, and you should closely supervise your dog when chewing.

Take Your Dogs on Regular Walks

Physical activities are crucial for all animals, especially pet animals, as they mostly live at home. The same goes for pet dogs; you need to take your dog on regular walks to keep them healthy and release that build-up energy. It keeps them happy and helps maintain their mental health by taking them on regular walks as they love going outdoors.

If your dog is confined at home for extended durations, he will become bored, and boredom causes lots of physical disorders in dogs, such as obesity along with many behavioral issues. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to take him out for a daily walk.

The ideal duration depends on the breed, age, size, and overall health of your dog, but doctors recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity every day. The maximum duration is 2 hours if your dog is in good health and loves to wander here and there.

Rub His Ears

Rubbing the dog’s ear gives them immense pleasure and relief and is one of the best ways of showing your love for your furry buddy. Not only that but rubbing a dog's ears vitalizes their hypothalamus and the pituitary glands. As a result, endorphins are released through these glands, and we all know how this process makes a human being happy. Well, it is the same with your dog.

And be careful not to stick your finger too deep into the ear. Only put your finger in as far as you can easily see; pushing too far down can harm the ear.

Get a Dog Blanket to Give Him a Space of His Own

No matter the season, all dog breeds need blankets for various reasons. A dog blanket is best for your pup to have his own dedicated spot to rest, sit and sleep, and he can also wrap himself with the blanket whenever he needs to feel comforted and secure. Dog blankets make the dog bed more comfortable and improve your dog's sleep time with a warm, cozy feel.

So, if you want to show your dog that you love him, get him a cozy and warm dog blanket, and you will see him taking the blanket everywhere with him.

Provide Him Puppy Toys to Keep Him Active

Dogs and especially puppies love to play, so getting them a few interesting toys is the best thing you can do to keep them happy and show your love.

But getting them the right puppy toy is crucial for optimum results. When selecting any toy for your dog, make sure to consider his size, preferences, and safety. It is best to avoid toys that contain stuffing and toxic materials. The best puppy toys for dogs are bones for teething and treat dispensing dog toys. You can buy safe and high-quality puppy toys from Funny Fuzzy website.

Super Chew and Teething Toys

Chewing is important for dogs to maintain their dental hygiene and keep jaws strong. It’s also a way for them to reduce their boredom and mild anxiety. Chewing also helps relieve the pain caused by incoming teeth in young dogs.

To let your dog know you love him, you can get him teething rings, hedgehog balls for massage of gums and squeaks, and some tough chew sticks.

Final Thoughts

Dogs love and are born to be loved by their masters. So if you own a dog, try to show your love in the language and manner they understand because animals do not understand human ways of expressing love and affection. The tips we have shared with you are some of the easiest and most useful ways to let your dog know you care for him.

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