5 Ways You Can Keep Your Pup Happy and Healthy

9. sept 2022 FunnyFuzzyUKTeam

Bringing a new puppy home is a joyous event, but it also adds responsibility for caring for the animal. Since your pet can't tell you what they want or need to feel healthy, it will be up to you to anticipate their needs. This isn't as complicated as it might seem. As long as you make sure your puppy's basic needs are met, they will grow into healthy and happy adult dogs.

Give Them a Proper Diet

Just as human children require nutritious diets for their growth and development, puppies also require balanced meals full of nutrients. Most good-quality dog foods provide a wide range of vitamins, protein, fibre, and other nutrients. However, some breeds require special nutrients, so you should check with your vet. A veterinarian can suggest puppy food that provides the balance of nutrients your puppy requires. In some cases, there may not be a food option that offers a sufficient quantity of a particular nutrient. In that situation, your vet may recommend giving your puppy a daily supplement in addition to recommending a brand of dog food. It's also important to follow the serving suggestions for the dog food. While you should make sure your puppy always has a full bowl of drinking water, it's not necessary to provide them with food 24 hours per day. Failing to follow serving size suggestions can lead to an obese puppy that will experience more future health problems.

Make Sure Your Pup is Getting Exercise

Your puppy will have plenty of energy and a need for frequent exercise. If your puppy isn't getting sufficient physical activity, they will let you know through their behaviour. Even a puppy that has been fully trained will act out if they don't have an adequate outlet for their energy. Additionally, frequent exercise will help your puppy build stronger bones and muscles, making physical activity essential for their physical health. An exhausted puppy will be far less likely to get into trouble around the house, so making sure they get enough exercise will keep everyone in the home happier. There are countless ways you can try to exercise your dog in home.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercises such as tugging can be fun for your dog. However, there may be concerns that tugging will increase their aggression and dominate the household, but research shows that letting your dog “win” at the game of tug doesn't make them dominate you; Instead, it's a great exercise to control his impulse, build confidence, and increase the relationship between you and him. The tugboat behavior also promotes his attention on you rather than on the environment, which can be beneficial and useful for training your dog. FunnyFuzzy’s Tug Dog Toy should be a good choice for your dog! It pairs a variety of colors which can attract him to play tug with you.

Mental Exercise

In fact, in addition to physical exercise, mentally exercising gives them something to do can also deplete their energy or reduce their anxiety problems. The puzzle game allows dogs to entertain themselves by using their paws or noses to open set compartments and dig through them for treats. Obviously, the results of this effort will give him a real sense of “accomplishment”. The treat dispensing toys have a similar effect. Just hide the snacks inside, with the raised surface design, not only can clean the dog's teeth but also let him feel the joy of snack distribution.

See Your Veterinarian Regularly

Regular visits to your vet will help acclimate your puppy to the experience. As they become more familiar with your vet and the examinations, they will become better-behaved adult dogs. If you look for a vet that offers holistic pet care, you can make use of more services that will promote better overall health. Many holistic vets offer acupuncture, chiropractic care, and massage services that your puppy will enjoy. These treatments provide similar benefits for puppies as those experienced by people. In other words, they will help maintain bone structure, muscular mobility, and emotional stability.

Be Diligent in Grooming Your Pup

Grooming your puppy with an efficient pet brush will do more than help you keep your puppy looking their best. Maintaining a healthy coat will help your puppy avoid developing hot spots, flea infestations, and other issues that will affect their skin. A puppy that doesn't experience skin irritation will scratch less and feel generally happier. Bathe and shampoo your puppy every few weeks, and regularly brush their coat. You should also keep their nails trimmed and look for products that promote good dental health. If you feel uncertain about grooming your pet yourself, taking them to an animal groomer will help.

Don't Forget to Have Fun

Socialization and play are essential for your puppy's health and happiness. It can also help you to meet other pet owners who are equally invested in maintaining the good health of their puppies. Take your puppy to a local dog park or get together with other dog owners in your neighbourhood. This will give your puppy a chance to play with other dogs in a safe environment. It will also help the puppy get used to being around other animals, and that will ensure better behaviour in public environments.

If you suspect your puppy isn't well, a consultation with your vet can help you discover the underlying problem. Sometimes, physical symptoms might indicate an emotional concern, or behavioural issues might be signs of a physical illness. An experienced veterinarian is best qualified to diagnose any issue your puppy might be exhibiting.

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