Is Your Dog Safe In The Car?

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Driving with your dog in the car may seem like a harmless idea. After all, what can better protect your dog than the firm exterior of a vehicle? Yet most people forget that a car's body is made accustomed to humans and not dogs.

PS, you may have heard of various pet protection products, including dog carriers, booster seats, and car beds. Yet to what extent they provide safety is our primary concern here.

So, let's jump into the topic and explore all about your dog's safety in a driving car, including why and how a dog bed for a car back seat provides the maximum protection against impacts and collisions!

Shall we start?

Why Is Your Dog Unsafe In The Car?

An unrestrained dog is at risk of major or minor accidents, bone fractures and can be dangerous for you as well. In the case of a car crash, the dog may collide with the dashboard, the back of a seat, or any other thing in the car resulting in severe damage (or even death!) to the pet.

Also, when driving, your entire focus should be on the road and not on your dog (safe for both). If your pet is unrestrained, there's always a chance of it jumping on you in the middle of the road. This can block your view or cause distraction in the driving that, again, is highly unsafe.

Another thing to remember here is the airbags. Though they can be life-saving for you, their sudden pressure can inflict significant damage to a dog sitting on the front seat. It is precisely why you should never let your dog stay on the front seat or drive with you on your lap.

The dog can also move around in the car and may unknowingly press the brake or accelerator pedal at the wrong time. A pet sitting on the car floor can also block the pedals and get injured. The steering wheel is another risky object and can crush your dog with quick force causing severe neck or bone trauma.

Lastly, you never know if the windows are open, and your dog may take his head out in the air. This is extremely risky as your dog is exposed to airborne objects. Even if it is just dirt or debris, anything in the air can cause injuries to your pet's eyes, mouth, ears, and face. Not to forget the possibility of insects that may cling to your dog's tongue, mouth, or body.

If the car stops suddenly, the dog may collide with the window or tumble out. Aside from this, even if there is no seemingly possible danger, unrestrained dogs can jump out of open windows if they see something exciting.

In a nutshell, it is incredibly unsafe for both the dog and passengers if there are no restrained measures for the pet during car travel. They can get injured, die, and also lead to severe accidents.

Why Do You Need A Car Dog Bed And Harness (How To Keep Your Dog Safe In The Car?)

The pet industry is full of various options that claim to secure your dog from any mishaps during traveling in a car. Few of the many options regarding a dog's security in a vehicle are dog carriers, booster seats, or car seats/beds. Let's understand the science behind every product and know what would be best for your dog.

• Dog Carriers

A crate or cage provides safety, but does that count as enough? Indeed it keeps the dog away from potentially dangerous substances, but it may not be the best option in various circumstances.

First, it can cause your pet physical and emotional frustration and stress as it confines movement. Some dog crates or dog carriers are poorly assembled, causing the structure to break instantly at a car jerk while on the road. Similarly, cages with minimal space between the bars can cause air restriction inside and further distress your pet. 

• Booster Seats

The dog booster seats provide somewhat a better experience than dog carriers. Instead of iron/plastic bars, they are like open-design rectangular seats featuring elevated sides. The booster seats are considered the safest way to let your dog enjoy the ride in the pet industry. They also come with an anchoring system to fix the booster seat with the seat belts.

On the whole, booster seats appear like a secure method, but little should you know that it also confines your dog to four walls. Since your dog cannot move, it can lead to physical distress, especially if your dog dislikes confined spaces. Also, keeping a large dog in a reasonably small space is never a good idea and may fail to provide your dog with what is called a physical sense of safety.

• Car Seats/Car Beds

The last option is car seats which, by far, is the best and safest approach to keep your dogs unharmed while driving. Unlike dog carriers, crates, cages, or booster seats, a dog bed car seat doesn't confine your pet to four walls. It provides a comfortable experience just like home without giving dogs emotional distress.

Plus, dog beds are used with proper, full-body dog harnesses and are easy to install, anti-sleep, and machine washable. Also, car seats have a better anchoring system that installs with the seat-belts to prevent movement while letting your dog feel free and unconfined at the same time. The dog bed car seat by FUNNYFUZZY, for instance, meets the same criteria as best dog car beds!

Essential Elements For A Great Car Dog Bed And Harness

Even if a dog bed is a better option than a carrier or booster seat, it won't be the best fit if it lacks any of the following elements:

• Comfort: The dog bed should be highly supportive with enough cushioning to balance your pet's body. It will improve the comfort level resulting in safe support for your pet's bones and joints.

• Safety: You should focus most on this element as the primary purpose of a dog bed and harness is to protect from impacts and collisions. But at the same time, the harness shouldn't be too tight to restrict air/provide discomfort.

• Waterproof: A dog bed for a car should be resistant to water and other liquid stuff as it will secure the outer layer and your dog's skin from bacteria and moisture. It also ensures better hygiene and ensures your pet's health.

• Durability: It should be durable enough to tolerate a collision and secure the dog simultaneously. Look for shock absorption, side-impact safety, and metal latches when considering a dog bed. 

• Easy To Use: The more accessible a dog car bed is to install, the more comfortable experience it will offer your pet. Also, complex anchoring systems can result in poorly-installed dog beds, thus risking your pet's safety.   

Why FUNNYFUZZY Dog Bed Car Seat Is The Best For Your Dog?

No doubt, the pet business is brimming with products that claim to protect your dog from accidents when traveling on the road. Yet, at the same time, it is also crucial to ensure that you invest in your pet's proper stuff.

The good thing is that we've already done the homework here. And a reliable name in this regard is FUNNYFUZZY - their dog car seat bed promotes safety and comfort featuring:

  • Durability
  • Soft-cushioning
  • Anti-slip layers
  • Maximum shock absorption
  • Waterproof material
  • Machine-washable

What else? FUNNYFUZZY's dog beds are easy to install and use, giving both you and your pet a comfortable driving experience. Just click here to know more about FUNNYFUZZY and their dog bed car seats!

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