6 items your dog must have for this summer

20. 7. 2022 FunnyFuzzyUKTeam

In June, we can gradually feel the heated summer is coming. It's time to change into cooling clothes and go outside with your dog and enjoy the refreshing summer and fun....beach walking, hiking, camping and picnics, it's all free and happy. While you're busy having fun, don't forget to make sure your dog stays healthy, happy and well-hydrated all summer long. Here are some of our recommended items, that are stylish, functional and everything you need.

1.Dog Goggles

Summer UV rays are toxic. People think about wearing sunglasses to protect their eyes while going outdoors, let alone our beloved dogs. When you and your dog are outdoors playing ball toss, he sometimes faces the sun and locates the ball, and the intense UV rays can be harmful to your dog's eyes, so having your dog wear a comfortable pair of goggles could be a great idea. Dr. Vollone says a useful goggle can help relieve eye pain and discomfort in dogs. Useful goggles not only provide safety while playing but also does wonders for other occasions. For example, the goggles can protect your dogs from sand when you're playing with your dog on the beach; when you're taking your dog on a road trip, the goggle can protect their eyes from wind-blown debris along the highway damage.

2.Dog Walking Sets

Many dogs are very energetic, and they usually need a walk, run, or play to unleash their nature. When you take your dog to the beach or pool, or just for a walk on a rainy day, a dog walking suit is an essential summer item. Let your dog wear funnyfuzzy dog walk set and become the focus of attention in the play at any time, waterproof material makes you no longer worry about the suit is wet, and always enjoy the freedom and ease of play.

3.Dog toys

In winter, your pup might have been playing indoor games for several months. But when summer is coming, they will be eager to spend time outside with you, like chewing, chasing, tugging, all full of fun and entertainment. (Of course, you should always remember to supervise your dogs all the time.)

4.Outdoor water bottle

After a game of fetch or a walk on the beach, dogs are sure to be thirsty! Encouraging them to drink water can sometimes be tricky, especially when the water is still and warm. This is when a water bottle that dispenses water at the push of a button keeps the water flowing at all times and provides a fresh, tasty flavor your dog will love. It will encourage your dog to drink more water and it will make the whole process more fun! The large capacity water reservoir allows for travel without worrying about water scarcity, and the easy portability avoids the hassle of taking your water bowl from the sink to the outdoors.

5.Portable dog bed

When you take your dog outdoors to play, you'll think about how to get your dog out quickly and easily without getting your car dirty. Many people will recommend elevated dog beds for the outdoors, of course, these elevated dog beds allow for air circulation and provide additional shade to keep dogs safe from heatstroke. But here, we would recommend portable dog beds. A good portable dog bed can be placed in the car as a good place for your dog to sleep, to avoid their bad habits of jumping and chewing, but also to put the dog into this dog bed to take your outdoor play place, the most important thing is that it can also be unfolded into a cushion for you and your dog to rest.

6.Biodegradable Poop Bags For Dog

Whether outdoors or indoors, dog poop produced by dogs needs to be cleaned up promptly. You don't have any excuse not to clean it up. The bacteria and pollutants invited by not cleaning up will undoubtedly harm the environment, and if it's your backyard, the consequences of not cleaning up could also annoy your neighbors and give our cute pets a bad name. To protect the environment and your dog's cleanliness & hygiene, choosing biodegradable poop bags is a good idea.

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