Dogs Blanket: When Dogs Need Them?

4. 2. 2022 FunnyFuzzyUKTeam

The winds have become frosty; the winter is here. The weather is just perfect for enjoying hot chocolate while bundled up in your warm, soft blanket. You are all set to enjoy the cold weather.

But what about your little canine friend? Is he equally excited about the chilling winter? Well, if you see him shivering and trying to snuggle into your bed, it's time to get him a soft, warm dog blanket.

Dog owners often have this misconception that dogs have thick fur coats to warm up their bodies. The truth is that fur is not enough to keep dogs comfortable during cold winter days and chilly nights. You need a blanket to ensure your dog feels warm, comfortable, and avoids flu. Besides warmth, a dog blanket is a source of comfort and security for your puppy as it can be filled with familiar scents. That makes this piece of fabric even more necessary for your little pet.

Do All Dogs Need Blanket?

Yes, dogs need blankets for extra warmth, comfort, and safety, though some breeds do not require a personal blanket to regulate their body temperature. Dogs have this instinct of piling up leaves to create a safe den where they sense danger or feel lonely. For a pet dog, a soft fluffy blanket brings safety, a sense of familiarity, and above all, it is a way of warming their body on windy days.

Whether or not your dog needs a blanket depends on many factors, including their size, breed, age, health, and the environment they live in.

Before figuring out what kind of dog blanket is perfect for keeping your pet friend stay cozy and relaxed, consider these aspects to make things easier for you.

The Thickness of the Fur:

Dogs belong to different breeds, which means each dog's fur coat has a unique texture, length, thickness, and density. Dogs with thick coats tend to tolerate cold weather better. However, dogs with thinner and less dense coats will start to shudder when exposed to cold wind. So, if you have a Greyhound with short and less thick hair, he will need a warm blanket to survive winters.

The Breed of Your Dog:

Some dog breeds are naturally fit for colder climates. For instance, Alaskan malamutes and Siberian Huskies are giant with thicker coats. They can survive harsh winters without blankets. But if you have an adorable Chihuahua or small puppy, you have to wrap them up in a blanket at night and when the temperature begins to drop.

How Big Your Dog is:  

Dog blankets come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. As a general rule of thumb, small and thin pet dogs need lightweight blankets, whereas giant breed dogs with thin hair will feel more comfortable with a large blanket.

The Health of Your Dog:

According to American Veterinary Medical Association, some dogs may develop a weak immune system due to certain medical conditions. This makes them intolerant to even a slight fluctuation in the atmosphere. Diabetes, heart and kidney diseases and hormonal imbalances prevent your dog from regulating its body temperature.

Dogs with such conditions need a high-quality blanket for an extra layer of protection, even during causal morning strolls. 

The Living Environment:  

The habitat surrounding your dog truly determines whether or not your dog needs a warm blanket.

If you live in a colder region and have hardwood or uncarpeted flooring inside your home, your dog will require more than one blanket to stay cozy. In such a situation, you can create a separate dog area and put several blankets on top of each other. This blanket bed should be at least 2-3 inches from the floor, and you need to make sure that the area is away from windows, vents, and fans.

Dogs Need Blanket in Winters

Winter is not a favorable climate for dogs. As per research, temperature below 35°F is too cold for dogs of multiple breeds, and even their warm fur cannot withstand the drastic temperature change.

Depending on your dog's age, health, and size, the colder climate may adversely affect your furry friend's health. The situation is even more critical for puppies and older dogs with weak immune systems. Exposing your puppy to cold may cause hypothermia where the pet's body temperature falls below the required level. This can be fatal for your furry friend.

Experts suggest building an insulated dog house using lots of warm blankets and a heater when the temperature reaches freezing.

Dogs Also Need Blanket during Summers

If you think your dog does not need a blanket during sunny days, you are the wrong blanket for pets is an important accessory in all seasons as blankets for puppies do more than keep them warm.

Although the temperature is relatively moderate during the day, the night may at times become chilly. And so your pet dog will need a warm blanket to feel comfortable and relaxed. Often dogs feel safe in the presence of familiar scents emitting from their favorite blankie. This makes them snuggle into the fabric every time they feel sad or lonely.

Moreover, if your dog enjoys sunbaths during summers, he can lie on his fluffy blanket. It will protect him from the bites of crawling insects in the grass.

The Best Material for Dog Blanket

Irrespective of the weather, a dog blanket is an ideal companion for your dog as it makes your pet feel safe and warm. So, it's best to get your furry friend a good quality fiber for getting all that warmth and pleasure.

Fleece is by far the best material used for dog blankets. Fleece is lightweight, water-resistant, and has anti-perspiration qualities. It is easily breathable and dries fast, making it perfect for your dog. Coral fleece is furrier and thicker, which is fantastic for dogs living in extremely cold regions. It is also durable and can be machine-washed. Berber fleece is also used for dog blankets due to its curly texture and offers natural softness and insulation to the pet's body. 

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