Why use a dog raincoat?

10. 1. 2022 FunnyFuzzyUKTeam

Dog raincoats are not only adorable but practical as well. The most basic raincoats carry the benefits of keeping your dog dry, warm, visible, and healthy. Do not lock yourself inside as you can enjoy the snowy, rainy, or windy weather with the right apparel. So don't miss the outdoor adventure of these weathers and make the best purchase to tackle them.

Whether your investment in the raincoat is worth it, depends upon a few things to consider before making the purchase. The first question you must do yourself is whether your dog needs a raincoat or not in the first place. Dogs with coats naturally trapping warmth and repelling water do not need a raincoat. If your pup is fond of going outside in the rain and feels uncomfortable in clothes, then your investment may not be worthwhile.

If your dog gets cranky in the lightest mist, it may be a good idea to buy him a jacket that will make the rainy trek outside more tolerable for your dog. If you notice that your dog is on his heels when you are taking him for a rainy walk, there is a possibility that he is not like the wet feeling, and a raincoat could be just a suitable investment to help him. Your dog’s breed, coat length, dog's age are factors to consider before deciding to buy the raincoat.

Why use a dog raincoat?

Buying a raincoat for your dog is not a fashion accessory but a must-have for the coming rainy season if you have to keep your dog warm in the rainy and windy season. The breeds with a short coat and lack of undercoats are the ones most sensitive to the wetness and cold of the rain. How can you manage to take them outside in the brisk weather to do their job? Having a raincoat may be an excellent solution to this tough situation. If your dog is among the following dog types, you must think seriously about getting a functional and stylish dog raincoat.

  • Short-haired dogs
  • Small dogs
  • Dogs with a weak immune system
  • Dogs that are unable to grow hair due to some illness
  • Young puppies and older dogs
  • Dogs with bellies touching the ground
  • Dogs with large ears
  • Dogs with any disease or having some surgery

Using a raincoat keeps your dog clean from the muddy splashes, which keeps your house cleaner and does your job easy when you don't need to bathe them frequently.

Raincoats make your dog more visible to the motorists, especially when wearing raincoats of bright colors, increasing their safety and avoiding accidents.

Using a dog raincoat may help remove the hesitancy to step outside in the cold weather. The warm feeling of the raincoat will encourage them to go out in the cold and wet weather. This management can help your dog motivate him to go outside for the exercise you want for him or to answer nature's call.

Essential conditions for a good dog raincoat

To make your purchase a successful one and take the maximum benefit of your purchase, look into the following qualities of the raincoat and make sure you are buying the thing you require. Purchasing a low-quality and cheap raincoat will make you end up in frustration.

When looking for the best choice of raincoat for your pup, keep an eye on the following features and characteristics.

• Hood

Hoods are the best way to keep your dog's head and face dry to keep them away from the adverse effects of the wet weather. But you will have to experiment with your dog whether he likes to wear a coat with hoodie or not because all dogs do not want to wear hoods. If your dog does not like to wear a hood, an extended collar may be a good alternate.

• Shape and size of the jacket

Keep in mind that the size and shape of the jacket should be according to the body of your dog. Some jackets have sleeves, and some do not. You can select the type you need according to you pup’s nature.  Sleeves provide more protection from the harsh weather as compared to the sleeveless dog coats. Raincoats with sleeves go all the way down to your pup’s ankle with an elastic closing making sure no water and cold winds enter underneath. In this way you get the maximum benefit and fulfill the purpose of getting a raincoat for your dog in the complete sense. Providing a full coverage with the raincoats with sleeves you do not need to worry about your dog getting wet or cold in the harsh weather.

• Colour

Color selection is also important as bright and punchy colors are helpful to increase the visibility of your dog for motorists and in low light weather conditions. e.g., if you are going to the woods, it is a good idea to wear an orange jacket on your dog.

• Ease of use

The jacket should be easy to use according to how you plan to use it. Please look at how easy it is to put it on and pull it off. If you are going to use a leash, it must be compatible with your leash, harness, or collar. Some dog jackets open the leash, while others require the dog's leash to fit over the jacket.

• Efficient straps

The straps must be secure and efficient to keep the raincoat in place. If the raincoat does not fit properly and keeps slipping all around, it will not perform the function it is bought to fulfill.

• Waterproof and reflective surfaces

Ensure the raincoat has reflective surfaces that keep the dog visible in low light weather conditions and water repellent material. Hence, the reflective and waterproof dog raincoat performs its function of keeping your dog dry efficiently and safer in the dark.

• A warm liner

The raincoat must have a warm liner according to your dog's needs. Dog with short coats and no underlying skin coats need a warmer liner of fleece, wool, or synthetic material. Keep in mind and fabric-related allergies if your dog has any.

• Hand wash or machine washable

Most jackets are machine washable, but some may be only handed washable, like wool jackets. Consider the option you want to choose for the wash. The jackets get dirty quite often, and you will have to clean them frequently. It is better to go with the machine-washable option for convenience.

Best dog raincoat at the Funny Fuzzy collection

Our raincoat available at the Funny Fuzzy collection can prove to be the best choice for your dog. We have all sizes available, from small to XXL form, which you can select according to your pup. This reflective all-weather waterproof dog jacket is perfect for protecting your dog in the windy and wet weather during your walk or for doing your dog's business in the rainy weather as it has pee easy slits and appropriate opening at the back as well.  the neckline can be adjusted according to your need. The anti-hair pulling and seamless zip make the use easy for you and your dog. The Velcro emblems can be adjusted at any place according to your choice. The ankle-tied design ensures protection from the cold wind and cold, keeping your dog's body cozy and warm.


A raincoat for your dog can be the right solution from being bound inside in the wet weather. First, look into whether your dog needs a raincoat or not. It is suitable for your dog you may think why you have not bought it yet when you know its wonderful benefits. Consider the features mentioned above while making the purchase. Make sure you make the proper selection according to your requirements to spend your money on the right product.

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