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5. jul. 2022 Team FunnyFuzzyUK

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Are you a pet parent struggling to manage the tantrums of your dog? We know something that can help you tackle them easily: snuffle mat for dogs. A dog snuffle mat isn't just helpful in tackling the tantrums but also a complete entertainment package for your dogs at the same time. 

Wondering what a snuffle dog mat is and how is that super beneficial? We have got you covered with every detail you might need to know! 

What Is A Snuffle Dog Mat? 

A snuffle dog mat is an oversized dog puzzle mat designed to keep the dry pet food hidden, so your dog has to struggle to find something to eat. They are kind of a slow dog feeder or maybe a dog toy that allow dogs to practice their innate hunting skills while they eat.

Though most snuggle dog mats are made of fabric, they can also be made with plastic or rubber. A dog snuffle mat is usually knotted together when made with fabric, imitating the look of grass to provide a natural environment for dogs. They come in different shapes and sizes so you can choose the ones suiting your needs perfectly.

Most snuggle dog mats are washable and have many nice features, such as staying in place so your dog cannot turn the food upside down and waste it. Kibbles, dry food, and treats – you can place them all in these snuffle mats and let your dog play around and find their food. 

Why Does My Dog Need A Dog Snuffle Mat? 

Wondering why your dog would need a dog snuffle mat? The truth is – these mats are great mental and physical stimulators for your dog. They have been designed to function as dog trainers and help sharpen their hunting skills and smelling sense. 

Thus, a snuffle dog mat could be the perfect choice if you want your dog to get trained and be active without having any frustrating energy out of boredom.

Here is a list of reasons why a snuffle mat could be great and beneficial for your dog! 

1. Consumes Your Dog's Energy & Makes Them less Destroying

Dogs are known for being curious and eager to try new things. Most dogs are easily bored, which leads to inappropriate and destructive behaviors. Fortunately, food is one of the most effective ways to encourage dogs to engage in mental stimulation activities. After all, wild dogs spend most of their waking hours thinking about and searching for food.

A snuffle mat for dogs provides mental stimulation because your pet will spend more time and effort searching for food on the mat rather than eating it all from a pile in a bowl and finishing it in a few minutes.

2. Train Your Dog's Behaviour

Snuffle mats are a great means of training your dog's behavior. Dogs are known for learning behaviors when repeated. Thus, when your dog is repetitively served with food or treats in a snuffle mat, they will be trained well because the only time they should be eating is when the treats are put inside a snuffle mat. This can prevent your dogs from bad eating. 

3. Slow their Eating Speed

You already know that quick feeding causes harm to your fur buddy, especially if your pet is a hungry, messy eater. When eating too quickly, some dogs create a vacuum with their stomach muscles to help them swallow the food more quickly. 

So, what's the greatest approach to get your dog to eat slower? Snuffle mats are made in a manner that pushes your dog to move around the different pieces of the mat to find the hidden food. Thus, it helps slow down your dog’s eating speed and prevents them from rash-eating. 

Snuffle mats can be used as a slow-feeder dog dish, but they also have other advantages when it comes to feeding. Unlike a slow feeder or a puzzle bowl, Snuffle mats work with a dog's intellect to give enrichment and are less likely to frustrate.

4. Relieves Stress & Anxiety

One of the reasons dogs become nervous and bored is a lack of exercise and mental and physical stimulation. A snuffle mat can give your dog food with a fun exercise. Dogs enjoy smelling things, and this mat will allow them to do so. A dog’s inherent sense to smell assists in the reduction of tension and anxiety.

Furthermore, the movement and hunting your pup will be required to undertake to obtain the food will relieve his feelings of relaxation and pleasure.

5. Stimulate the Sense of Smell

Your dog's most vital sense is the sense of smell, and we all know how dogs prefer to explore the environment through smell.

Serving food in the snuffle mat will keep your dog occupied by allowing them to search and scavenge for food while also providing excellent nose practice. A dog whistle may also be used to alert your dog that the food has been placed on the snuffle mat.

How to Use a Snuffle Dog Mat? 

Snuffle mats for dogs are meant to hide food in the different areas so your dogs can search for them by sniffing and eating while using their mind and smelling sense simultaneously. Thus, the best way to use a snuffle mat is by placing your pet's food in small portions of the mat's different corners.

Tips and Tricks for Using A Snuggle Dog Mat? 

The best tips and tricks to consider when using a snuffle mat dog may include the following:

  • Ditch using a food bowl instead; place small portions of pet food in the different corners of the dog snuffle mat, so your furry buddy can play a little fun game before they actually get hands-on food. 
  • Before you put the snuffle mat into the wash, make sure to shake it so if there are any crumbs of the food left inside, come out. 
  • You must always put your dog inside a snuffle mat when you are around. It is because they might turn the mat upside down or even tear the fabric if left alone and are done foraging.

How to Choose a Wonderful Snuggle Mat for Your Dog? 

There are a ton of brands selling around snuffle mats for dogs but not every snuffle mat on the market is of quality or healthy. So you must be wondering how to choose the best one, right?

Well, the answer is simple – the best snuggle dog mats are the ones that offer exploration. They are transformable, offer great mental and physical activity, are machine washable, and could be a superb energy consumption and stress-relieving source. 

Funny Fuzzy Has Got You Covered With the Best Snuffle Mat for Dogs in Town

If you are confused about where to find such incredible snuffle mats for dogs? We have got the best ones available at FunnyFuzzy. They are designed specifically to complement a dog's exploration needs while ensuring the best quality standards.

Funny Fuzzy DIY snuffle mat allows you to make different shapes and hide treats in it; it is entertaining and trainable at the same time. The transformable dog mat serves as a trainer and dog slow feeder, helping digest food better, and is machine washable.

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