Bike Riding With Your Dog: What You Need to Know

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Dogs and bikes, the two go hand in hand, right? I mean have you ever seen a dog who doesn't like to jump all over a bike? Not only are dogs usually the center of attention when you ride a bike, but they are also your best friend who keeps you safe on the road. Hopefully, the tips and tricks we give here can help you ride with your dog, take him along for the ride, and make a fun experience for both of you.

Before Getting Out the Bike

Dogs are likely to bark and nip at people who walk past them so if you have a dog, it's important that you find one which is calm before you take him out biking with you. Dog owners must invest in bike training to teach their dogs how to move around bikes, skateboards, and runners without causing harm or disruption.

A good way of ensuring this is by taking a stroll through the park together with the bicycle at a slow pace and rewarding your pet for its obedience. This way it will learn from an early age how not to disrupt anyone else when on the path but thrive once off the bike.

You need to make sure your dog has been trained to respond well when on a leash and the main key to this success is that they should be able to keep pace with you, slowing down if you do and speeding up when needed. It's important that their responsiveness can be linked in some way to your actions.

As someone who regularly bikes and takes their dog for walks, I know how nice it is to be able to have a companion on long adventures. Unfortunately, many pet owners don't have the patience to train their dogs to walk well without pulling on the leash or darting off after dogs and squirrels that pass by. If you can do so, however, this will allow you and your puppy or dog to enjoy longer adventures together than you might otherwise be able to.

How to Bike With Dogs Safely?

There are different things that you should keep in mind before you start biking with your dog. Here we will discuss each step in detail.

Is Your Dog Ready?

If you’re concerned about taking your dog on a long bike ride, it’s important to first make sure that they are physically fit enough for the trip. Some dogs simply aren’t meant to be running dogs. If yours could never keep up with you during your daily runs, then they may not be ready for you to take them on a bike ride with you, especially if there are long distances of roads and mountains built into your bike course.

In these cases, biking with your dog can be cruel because they will struggle to keep up and this could cause undue stress or exhaustion. Only bring along the dogs that are healthy enough to go on the rides with you in carriers, baskets, and backpacks, or let other select family pets tag along for special occasions.

If your pet isn’t quite ready for all that exercise, start by taking leisurely walks as a family. In time, progress to shorter distances and exercises like jogging or mixed walking and running routines. After some persistence and a positive attitude from both sides of the leash, you’ll find that your pet has built up enough endurance to accommodate a longer run through the park with you on their own two feet.

Make Sure You Have the Right Gears

Once you've taken the time to train your dog, it's safe and appropriate for you both to go on leisure outings together. However, make sure to get the necessary gears before going out. Some things you need to bike safely with your dog are

Dog Leash

You need a dog leash that can easily attach to your bicycle and your dog can run comfortably. Here are some leash options

· Multifunction Hand Free Dog Leash 

If you need a dog leash with maximum comfort and freedom and you need more control over your dog when biking or walking this leash is an excellent choice. You can also use this leash to hitch your dog where you want him to.

· Gummy Dog Leash

One of the hottest items on market is this gummy dog leash. This water-resistant, tear-proof leash can be used in five ways and makes your biking a wonderful experience.


When planning for biking always get a harness instead of a collar because it provides more support to your dog's body and makes the walks easy.

· Gummy Dog Walk Set 

This yummy gummy leash and harness set is not just attractive but also has multiple functions. The harness is waterproof, tear-proof and the leash can be used in five different ways.

Water and Food

You must have portable food and water bowl with yourself when biking with your pup and make sure to rehydrate them when they feel tired.


If you are biking in the evening time then a torch is necessary for a safe experience.

Start Your Bike Ride

After getting all the necessary equipment and supplies it’s time to start bike riding with your dog. Here is how you can do it

  • Start your ride by walking with the dog and pulling the bike along. Once your dog learns how to keep up with you every step of the way, and has also trained to be at the ready when you need him to be, reward him with treats for staying by your side.
  • The next step is to sit on your bike and paddle it slowly and take plenty of breaks. This way your dog knows to walk slowly and take necessary breaks.
  • If your dog learns all the routines you can increase the pace now. If your dog is lagging then slow your bike. Reward your dog along the way so they keep running along.


We hope you enjoyed our article about biking with your dog. With this knowledge, we know that you can enjoy a fun day of biking with your dog, as you explore the world around you. So what are you waiting for? Start making memories with your favorite furry friend and your bike today.

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