Complete Guide: Why Does My Dog Dig in My Bed?

11. mar. 2022 Team FunnyFuzzyUK

The dog's behavior of circling around a dozen times and digging in the bed has always intrigued the masses. 

Although many dog parents have already given in to it, some new owners are still trying to seek answers to this strange yet amusing ritual.

Hence, you are one of the lucky few who have stumbled upon this guide. As in this article, we will tell you why do dogs dig and how to stop this behavior (if you don't find it fascinating).

So, keep reading.

Why Do Dogs Dig? Tradition! 

There are basically many reasons your dog loves to dig in your bed. However, the most common one is rooted deep in his instinct and ancestry.

A Tad Bit of History

Before everything was happy-go-lucky between humans and dogs, these canines used to live out in the wilds all by themselves. 

To protect themselves against harsh weather and other predators, dogs used to dig holes. These shallow holes were a source of comfort for them, and thus this instinct was passed down to today's dogs.

Although now the time has drastically changed, and the friendship between humans and dogs is stronger than ever. Still, this innate instinct sometimes kicks in, which is one reason why you occasionally see your dog digging in your favorite bed.

Other Common Reasons of Dog Digging 

If you think your dog is frequently digging on your bed only because of instincts, then you might be wrong. Some other common reasons associated with digging are as follows:


Dogs are curious animals who would do anything to get what they are interested in, and in many cases, that would be — digging.

Sometimes, you might find your furry friend digging behind cushions only because there's something hidden that has caught your dog's attention.

Hence, your dog might dig in your bed as a means of uncovering lost items.

Marking Territory

Infrequent digging can also be linked with marking territories. Dogs are territorial species who love to leave behind their scent as a means of marking their spot.

Dog's feet contain scent glands on the bottom, which are used for marking spots by secreting a distinct pheromone. 

So next time you see your four-legged best friend dig in the dog bed, he might be marking his next-favorite spot.

Expecting to Whelp

A female dog who is expecting to give birth would be in search of the safest spot for its newborns. Therefore, you might notice her digging paws at various parts of the house from time to time.

It might be your bed sheet, dog bed, or any other safe spot that she deemed comfortable enough to whelp.

Boredom & Destructive Behavior

Although not common, boredom can also be a reason among many high-energy dog breeds for excessive digging. 

In fact, digging in the cushions or bedsheets may provide good relief to those inactive muscles. Therefore, make sure you are providing plenty of exercise to your four-legged best friend.

 A dog who has already spent most of its energy exercising won't exhibit destructive behaviors by destroying your favorite bed sheets.

Start with a Comfortable Dog Bed

A dog might also frequently dig because of stress and anxiety. A restless dog might dig and dig to make the sleeping spot more comfortable. 

Since, in the past, dogs used to dig to make the bed comfortable, secure, and warm, it's safe to assume that it can also be a possibility.

Donut Shaped Dog Bed

Therefore, the ideal way would be to change the existing dog bed and move to a much more comfortable and secure bed like funnyfuzzy's donut dog bed.

Square Bread Dog Bed

If your dog is not a fan of donuts, don't worry, funnyfuzzy also got a square-shaped extra soft dog bed. It is designed in such a way that ensures your dog remains safe from stress and anxiety by being the most comfortable.

How to Stop Your Dog From Digging in Your Bed?

It's not written on the stone that every dog parent would adore this behavior. Especially if the dog's digging leaves you with damaged sheets or destroyed dog beds, it's wise to put a stop to this behavior.

Here's how you can stop your furry friend from digging in your bed: 

Get a Dog Bed

We understand how fun it is to sleep with your dog, but if your furry friend can't help but dig, it's time to move him on his dog bed.

The first and most idealistic step would be to get your dog a bed of his own. The dog bed should be durable and comfortable enough to get your dog cozy.

Above, we have mentioned two of the most comfortable dog beds that can be your dog's next sleeping couch. 

Moreover, FunnyFuzzy also got a lot of interesting daily items for your dog. So, don't forget to check them out.

Trimming the Nails

Getting a dog bed won't guarantee complete freedom from the occasional digging. However, trimming does!

If the dog nails are trimmed every 3-4 weeks, it will prevent any severe damage to your or your dog's bed. 

Trimmed nails not only save you from the hassle of buying new sheets but also other household items and furniture.

Obedience Training

None of the above methods worked? Don't worry. Obedience training is here to save your bedsheets!

Obedience training is vital for every dog, and a basic of these can stop your dog from digging your bed. 

For example, if your dog is hesitant in moving from yours to his new bed, you can try positive reinforcement. Take your furry friend to the dog bed, lie him down, and reward him with his favorite treat or toys.

Soon, your dog will be accustomed to sleeping in the new dog bed.

Final Thoughts

Dog digging in your bed is completely safe unless signs of pain follow it. So, if you notice whining or panting during the digging, make sure you immediately go and see a vet.

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