Do Cats Ruin Leather Sofas?

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Cats and leather couches are two beloved aspects of many households. However, cat owners often wonder if these two can peacefully coexist. In this blog post, we will talk about the truth behind the question: Do cats ruin leather couches? We will provide insights and guidance for cat owners seeking to protect their cherished leather couches.

a cat being scratching on a leather sofa

Do Cats Ruin Leather Sofas?

Yes, cats can potentially ruin leather sofas. Cats have natural scratching instincts, and their claws can cause scratches, punctures, and tears in leather upholstery. However, it's important to note that not all cats will necessarily damage leather sofas, and the extent of damage can vary depending on factors such as the cat's behavior, the type of leather, and preventive measures taken by the owner. Proper cat training, providing suitable scratching alternatives, and implementing protective measures can help minimize the likelihood of damage to leather sofas.

How to Protect Leather Sofas from Cats

Cover the Sofa

Use a protective cover specifically designed for leather sofas. These covers can provide a physical barrier between the cat and the leather, preventing direct scratching or punctures. Look for covers that are easy to clean and fit securely on the sofa. You can try FunnyFuzzy's anti-scratch sofa cover, which can prevent scratches and stains.

Fabric Sofa Cover

Provide Alternative Scratching Options

Cat Scratching Mat

FunnyFuzzy's Cat Scratching Mat

Cats need an outlet for their natural scratching instincts. Offer sturdy and attractive scratching posts or boards near the sofa. Encourage your cat to use these alternatives by rubbing them with catnip, using interactive toys, or placing treats nearby.

Trim and Maintain Your Cat's Claws

Regularly trim your cat's nails to reduce their sharpness and minimize the potential damage they can cause to the leather. Additionally, consider using nail caps or covers that can be applied to your cat's claws to protect the furniture.

Use Deterrents

Apply pet-safe deterrents to the leather sofa to discourage cats from scratching on it. These can include sprays with scents cats dislike, such as citrus. Be sure to test the deterrent on a small, inconspicuous area of the leather first to ensure it doesn't cause any discoloration or damage.

Train and Redirect

Train your cat to associate positive experiences with the appropriate surfaces for sharpening its claws. Discourage clawing of the furniture. Use positive reinforcement techniques, rewards, and redirect their attention to the designated posts when catching them on the sofa.

How to Repair Cat Scratches on Leather Sofas

reparing scratches on leather couches

If your leather sofa has been scratched by a cat, here are some steps you can take to repair the damage. 

Step 1: Clean the Area

Start by cleaning the scratched area of the leather sofa using a mild leather cleaner. This will remove any dirt, oils, or debris that may be present. Follow the instructions on the leather cleaner product for best results.

Step 2: Assess the Damage

Carefully examine the scratches to determine their depth and severity. If the scratches are minor and only on the surface, you can proceed with repairing them at home. However, for deeper or extensive damage, it may be best to seek professional assistance.

Step 3: Use Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Apply a small amount of leather cleaner to a soft cloth and gently rub the scratched area in circular motions. This will further clean the surface and prepare it for the repair process. After cleaning, apply a leather conditioner to help soften the leather and minimize the appearance of the scratches. Follow the instructions on the conditioner product for application.

Step 4: Test the Repair Product

If you are using a leather repair kit, it's advisable to test it on a small, inconspicuous area of the sofa first to ensure it matches the color and provides the desired result.

Step 5: Apply the Leather Repair Compound

applying the leather repair compound

Following the instructions provided with the leather repair kit, use a spatula or applicator tool to apply the repair compound to the scratched area. Fill in the scratches using the compound, ensuring it is evenly spread and level with the surrounding leather surface. Smooth out the compound using the spatula or a clean, soft cloth.

Step 6: Blend the Repair Compound

Use a gentle sanding pad or fine-grit sandpaper to lightly buff the repaired area. This will help blend the repair compound with the rest of the leather, making it less noticeable. Be cautious not to sand too aggressively, as it may damage the leather further.

Step 7: Apply Leather Dye (if necessary)

If the scratches have caused significant color loss or if the repair compound doesn't perfectly match the leather color, you may need to apply a leather dye. Choose a dye that matches the color of your leather and follow the instructions provided with the product for application. Apply the dye using a small brush or sponge, working it into the repaired area and blending it with the surrounding leather.

Step 8: Condition the Leather

Once the repair compound and dye (if applicable) have dried completely, apply a leather conditioner to the entire sofa to ensure an even appearance and maintain the leather's health. Follow the instructions on the conditioner product for application.

Cats and Leather Sofas Can Coexist

In conclusion, cats and leather couches can coexist harmoniously with the right preventive measures and training. While cats have a natural inclination to scratch, it is possible to protect leather couches from their destructive tendencies. By implementing the practical solutions discussed in this blog post and seeking expert advice, cat owners can enjoy the comfort of their leather couches without worrying about irreparable damage.


Q: How do you get cat marks out of leather couches?

To remove cat marks or scratches from leather couches, you can try a few methods. Begin by cleaning the scratched area with a mild leather cleaner and a soft cloth to remove any dirt or debris. Then, apply a small amount of leather conditioner to the scratched area and gently rub it in using a soft cloth. Continue rubbing until the scratches become less visible or blend in with the rest of the leather. 

Q: Do cats scratch leather sofas more than wood sofas?

Cats' preference for scratching surfaces can vary depending on individual cats and their preferences. Some cats may be more inclined to scratch leather sofas due to the texture and resistance it offers, while others may prefer wood sofas for their ability to leave visible marks.

Q: Do cats scratch leather or fabric more?

In general, cats tend to find fabric surfaces more satisfying to scratch than leather. Fabric surfaces often provide better traction and texture for their claws, allowing them to engage in their natural scratching behavior more effectively.

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