How To Keep The Hygiene Of Dog Blanket?

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Key Takeaways

  • The dog's blanket and bedding can be home to mites, ticks, and harmful bacteria, and so they need to be cleaned every week.
  • Follow the dog blanket label guidelines before machine washing the fabric.
  • Vacuuming, the fabric between washes, will remove dirt and pet hair from the blanket.
  • Use pet-friendly detergents and products that won’t cause itching and irritation to the dog. For dogs with sensitive skin, natural products are considered better and safe.

We love to have our beds spotlessly clean, and our blankets are brimming with the fresh fragrance of detergents. But do the bed and blanket of your furry friend represent the same healthy condition? 

A cute, playful dog brings warmth and love to your home, but his thick fur and paws also hold the potential to bring dust, mud, and germs right into the home and particularly to their sleeping place. An unclean and unwashed dog blanket becomes dirty and will eventually become smelly, which your canine friend does not deserve for sure.

Why Should You Clean Your Dog’s Blanket?

According to the https://www.petmd.com/dog/care/evrdg_guide-to-washing-dog-bed, domestic dogs carry a wide range of harmful organisms, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi, along with salmonella, ringworm, listeria, and MRSA. Many of these disease-causing organisms can survive in your dog’s blanket for up to 12 months without the need of a host. This makes the blanket unhealthy for your pet and your family as well.

Moreover, dogs love to roam in the neighborhood bringing in dirt, mud, and fecal matter to their sleeping area. Saliva, urine, vomit, dead skin cells, and fallen hair make the blanket dirty and unhygienic. With such a harmful dog blanket lying around in your house, the rise of stinky odor is unavoidable.

Keeping such an odorous and unhygienic blanket unattended can harm your dog and your family in general. With regular cleaning and occasional vacuuming, you not only avoid the build-up of dirt and mud but can also wipe out all the bacteria nestled into the fiber of the blanket. With regular washing, you provide a clean, fresh, and odor-free blanket to your dog to cuddle in and thrive. 

How Often Should You Wash the Dog Blanket?

Dogs are not regular bathers, and this makes it even more necessary to wash their blankets to take care of their hygiene. If your dog loves his blanket and keeps it wrapped around him all day long, it’s recommended to give it a thorough wash twice a week. On the flip side, washing once a week is sufficient if he uses it during the night. Not to forget, regular vacuuming can remove hair and prevent dirt build-up. 

Cleaning The Dog’s Blanket in the Washing Machine

Throwing your pup's blanket into the washing machine looks like the simplest way of removing all the stains and germs. But you need to make use of some clever tips before machine-washing the blanket for the best results.

  • Cotton, fleece, flannel, and Minky blankets can be easily washed in the washer.
  • Avoid putting a wool blanket into the washing machine, as it will cause the fabric to shrink.
  • If sand or steel shot beads have been used as fillers, avoid putting the blanket into the washer.
  • Lastly, make sure to vacuum the blanket before putting it into the machine. Remove as much hair as you can because the hair on the blanket will clog the drain pump filter, causing you extensive repairs.
  • Use vinegar or stain remover to pre-treat tough stains. This will ensure the blanket becomes shiny after a deep rinse in the machine. Soak the fabric into the water for 5-10 minutes and tada! 

After carefully reading the above pointers, move on to the cleaning process with a pet-friendly detergent. Put the blanket into the washer and add the detergent into the loader. You can also pour a little bit of pet hair dissolver to remove any dog hair that you missed. 

Make sure to set the washing temperature at the highest level or at least at 140°F. After the first wash, give the blanket an extra rinse cycle, especially if the blanket is thicker. Dry the blanket in the warm sun or tumble dry in the dryer (if the fabric is dryer-safe). 

Hand Washing a Dog's Blanket

Sadly not all dog blankets are machine-friendly. Maybe the blanket is too heavy, or the label on it advises you to hand wash the fabric. It might be time-consuming, but you want the best for your pet after all. Here is how to hand wash your pet’s blanket the right way:

  1. Use a lint roller or vacuum cleaner to remove hair. 
  2. Remove all those stubborn stains by rubbing dry detergent on them. 
  3. Next, soak the blanket into a tub filled with warm water. Avoid using hot water as it will burn your skin. 
  4. Add the detergent to the water. 
  5. Twist the blanket into the tub to fully submerge the blanket into the detergent. Let the blanket remain in the water for 15 minutes. 
  6. Then, rinse it thoroughly into cold water until all the detergent is washed out. 
  7. Squeeze the fabric to remove excess water and dry it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Maintain Hygiene of Your Dog’s Blanket

You are keeping your pup’s blanket clean matters a lot. Hand washing heavy blankets every week can be a tiring process, but with a few trips and tricks, you can ensure that the blanket of your pet friend remains healthy and free of germs for longer.

  • Regularly vacuum your dog's blanket; this will prevent the accumulation of dirt and hair till the wash day arrives. 
  • Next, make sure to wash your dog’s paws every time he comes home after a stroll. 
  • You can also use pet cleansing sprays to keep the blanket clean and germ-free. 
  • When buying dog blankets, make sure to go for machine-washable fabric as it will keep things easier for you.
  • Give your fur baby a change of blanket once a year; it will create a strong bond between you and your pet buddy! 
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