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If you are a puppy lover, you already know they bring so much pleasure into our lives. Puppies are truly unique animals and offer great companionship. They are adorable and loving creatures and can bring a smile to our faces. Puppies make us laugh, give us unconditional love, and are always there for us in all circumstances.  

What is National Puppy Day?

All puppies are the perfect solution to a terrible day, no matter what breed or gender it is. National Puppy Day is celebrated on 23rd March annually. This day has inspired millions and has brought worldwide attention to animals in need. 

National Puppy Day is the perfect day for puppy lovers worldwide to show their love and affection for their pups. Although it is a day for puppies, you can celebrate any dog of any size or age on this day! This day brings awareness to the world about puppy mills and how to adopt.

The National Puppy Day's official Twitter hashtag is #NationalPuppyDay.

Who created National Puppy Day?

Ms. Colleen Paige is an animal advocate and pet and family lifestyle, expert. She also created National Dog and National Cat Day. National Puppy Day was first created in 2006. It has its website.

National Puppy Day is on an upward trajectory and continues to grow in popularity. Each year, it is widely covered in the media, and rescue homes are the all-important exposure they need to get their message across.

What is the reason the day was created?

National Puppy Day has been created so that the endearing nature of puppies is celebrated. This day is also created to bring happiness into our lives and remind the world of the dangers of puppy mills. The day is meant to discourage people from buying puppies from puppy mills.

National Puppy Day has also been using its platform to encourage mixed and pure puppy ownership of all breeds. This day continuously pushes for all pups to be allowed to live happy and abuse-free lives.

some fun facts about puppies:

  • Puppies are born blind and deaf. Until they are able to hear and see, puppies rely on their sense of smell to find their mommy.
  • Puppies have a strong sense of smell that is at least 40 times better than ours. They can pick up on way more smells than we ever could.
  • Puppies are toothless until they are about four weeks old.
  • Puppies spend up to 20 hours a day sleeping, which helps develop their brain, bodies, and immune system.

How to celebrate National Puppy Day

Ready for National Puppy Day? Add a little color and create some timeless memories for your puppy! Here are six ways to celebrate National Puppy Day for puppy lovers: 

Have a National Puppy Day party and invite all your friends and their furry companions! Make the party fun for both the pups and human guests by coming up with an excellent doggie theme. Puppies are amazing creatures and are pretty easy to please. Just make sure they have some fun activities planned to keep them entertained and out of trouble. 

Buy your puppy a fun new dog toy: If you’re pressed for time, a new dog toy or two can be a great way to show your puppy that you love them. But while the dog toy will be fun, if you can spare a few minutes to play with the toy with them, that will really make the day awesome.

Buy them a mat or dog blanket: If you've been known to call your puppy your child, pamper them with a cozy blanket. Puppies need to keep themselves warm during chilly weather. Getting your puppy a soft blanket is a great idea to celebrate National Puppy Day. It will keep them warm and help them feel safe, secure, and comfortable. The dog blankets and dog mats are perfect to put in the puppy's crate too. It will make the crate more appealing and inviting for them.

Give them a dog bed: A puppy can undoubtedly sleep or cozy up on your own bed or the couch. But he will be really happy if you could invest in a dog bed that he can call his own.

Go for a walk: Many puppies love nothing more than a walk with their pet parent. You can celebrate National Puppy Day by taking your furry friend to their favorite park for a walk. Grab a good-quality dog leash and harness for your little furry companion. Also, keep poop bags and portable dog water bottles for your pup. 

Teach your puppy a new trick: No matter how old your puppy is, it’s never too late to learn something new. Puppies can learn new tricks so take this opportunity to teach your buddy a new skill. Engaging your puppy in mentally stimulating activities can help prevent diseases and add to a long and healthy life.

Hire a professional pet photographer for a fun photoshoot: Your puppy might already have an active social life and a close connection. So why not have a photoshoot by a professional pet photographer for your puppy?

It is amazing what a little effort can do to make National Puppy Day memorable. If you don't have a puppy, you can celebrate the day by donating dog blanketsdog beds, and dog toys to a shelter or rescue.

Final thoughts 

Remember, when you bring home a puppy, you commit to a long-term relationship. Your puppy's love is unconditional, without judgment or pressure. Once they love us, it’s going to be forever. 

Puppies are like small kids and are heavily reliant on our care as owners! As a loving puppy parent, you must ensure that your puppy receives daily walks, regular grooming, a healthy diet, and a comfy place to live. 

Do you have an idea to celebrate National Puppy Day? Share it with us. We would be happy to hear from you!

Happy National Puppy Day!

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