Sleeping With Dogs: The Pros, Cons And The Best Bed For Your Dog

6. feb. 2022 FunnyFuzzyUKTeam

Your precious little pet is a source of immense joy and amusement in your life, and if you find it unbearable to leave them alone at night, you are not alone. About 56% of people are reported to share their bedroom with their canine friends. On the other hand, snuggled up in soft, cozy curdle is also your dog’s favorite treat after a tiring day.

So, there is a debate about whether it is okay to have your furry friend share a bed with you or not. So, should I let my dog sleep with me?

While sleeping with your pet is a personal decision, there are some pros and cons of sleeping with your pet. Here we will discuss them in detail and some tips for finding the best dog bed for your pet.

The Pros of Sleeping with a Dog

Your pet can provide various benefits by just being present in the bed at night. Here are some of the pros of sleeping with your dog:

• A Sense of Comfort

The idea of a soft furry dog lying beside you is enough to make you feel comforted and relaxed after a long day. Besides, it feels calming when you have a loving pet to refuel for the next day. Scientists believe that petting a dog can increase the oxytocin levels in the body, which makes you and them extremely happy.

• Enhances the Feeling of Security

Dogs are your most loyal friend with strong instincts to protect their owners at all costs. Knowing this helps you feel safe and allows you to sleep peacefully. A recent study shows that a pet in bed allows women to sleep peacefully as they felt more secure due to the presence of their pets.

Many pet owners have reported sleeping more soundly when they have their pets guarding them. This can be extremely helpful when you have serious anxiety issues. Even the presence of a small dog can make a huge difference.

• It Strengthens Your Bond

If you are away from home most of the time or just got a new pet, sleeping with your pet can be an excellent way to compensate for that time. It allows you to spend more time with them, significantly strengthening your bond. Not to forget, 86% of the dogs appreciate sleeping with humans when they get a chance, so your dog is surely going to enjoy the coziness it brings.

• Can Boost Your Mental Health

Having pets is ideal for improving your mental health as they make you feel happy and contended by relieving your stress and anxiety. A 2012 study showed that human-animal interaction can improve blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol.

Pets provide significant support when you are going through hard times or have long-term mental health problems. Sleeping with them helps you feel relieved and less lonely.

The Cons of Sleeping with a Dog

While sleeping with your little bundle of joy brings many benefits, there are certain factors to consider before sleeping with your dog. Note that every dog is different so is every pet owner; therefore, each situation will vary.

• Some Dogs Snore Loudly

Like human beings, some dogs also have a habit of snoring really badly. Pugs and Boston terriers are the dogs breed well-known for their loud snores. If you are not a heavy sleeper, you can easily get offended and irritated by these snores, wanting your furry body to sleep separately.

• The Bed Does Not Have Enough Space

If your dog is big, things can get complicated quite quickly. Dogs have the habit of sprawling all over the place and taking most of the available space. This can disturb your comfortable sleeping positions and may not even leave enough space for you to stretch and relax.

You can arrange a separate bed for your dog beside you, which will allow your pet to sleep peacefully, giving you enough space to enjoy your good night's sleep.

• Dogs Are Not Completely Hygienic

Dogs love to walk around the neighborhood and explore places unknown to us. Allowing them in your bed means you are inviting dirt and dust all over the place. It doesn't matter if you bathe and clean them daily; they are a creature that can get dirty easily.

• May Cause of Certain Diseases

The easiest way for humans to get bacteria and fungi is through their pet animals. The pet’s behavior to scratch, bite, lick an open wound, or feces can instantly cause germs to spread.  Sleeping with your dog has a low risk of diseases in the United States, but if you or your partner has dog allergies, it’s better to keep a distance from your pet at night.

Donut dog bed from Funny Fuzzy

Right Dog Bed for Your Dog

Sleeping with or without your dog entirely depends on you but having a separate bed fully dedicated to your precious furry friend can help him relax and sit during the day. You can get dog beds in different shapes and styles such as a donut dog bed.

When you are looking for the best dog bed, don’t forget to consider the following factors:

  • The material should be soft enough to feel comfortable and cozy.
  • It must be scratch and chew-resistant.
  • The size of the bed must not be too small for your dog, or they would avoid getting in it.
  • Also, consider your dog's choice for a bolster as a headset or a burrow.

Equipped with this essential information, it will become easier to find the best dog bed for your little friend.

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