Have Best Car Trips With Your Furiends

19 apr 2022 FunnyFuzzyUKTeam

FuzzyNow Vol.10 Apr 2022
Have Best Car Trips With Your Furiends

🐾When the weather blesses us with beautiful days, go on a refreshing road trip adventure. 
*FuzzyNow is a collection of buyers' shows where you can see various photos about the products in use.

🐾Portable Dog Mat

"Happy sunny Sunday everyone, hope you've all got lots of lovely plans! We were kindly gifted this beautiful soft luxurious portable dog mat from my friend.
And the boys couldn't be happier,it's superb soft, comfy and fluffy. Perfectly portable for travels and adventures."



🐾Transformable Dog Car Seat Cover

"Pooped after a day of swimming and rolling in the mud 🥴
Now our car stays clean of all the sharkie shenanigans 👏"


🐾Multifunction Hands Free Dog Lead With Safety Seat Belt

Whenever I need a long lead for maximum freedom of movement, a short one for better control, or a seatbelt for car safe, only this lead suits for me.


 🐾Reflective All-weather Waterproof Dog Rain Coat

"Already in Biarritz, since we have arrived it has not stopped raining, ☔️ Willa has been lucky because She has this pawmazing Reflective All Weather Waterproof Dog Raincoat. It's perfect !! She stays Dry , comfy and Brighter!! ✨ Absolutely Pawtabulous!!"


🐾Gummy Dog Walk Set

"When you have a dog, you never walk alone.🐶
“Gummy” is an innovative plastic material ⁣that is tough, tear-proof, and water-⁣resistant and therefore also particularly ⁣easy to clean. Dirt can be easily washed ⁣off and water can be dabbed off.⁣ When dirty, it can easily be washed up ⁣to 60°C.⁣"


🐾Leaf Shape Dog Blanket

"We're having a dog picnic today and I had my blanket. People were really surprised. A big pink leaf in the leaves under the tree...as if it had just fallen. I love this blanket. It is soooooo soft.🤩🙌
🎉Mum said she'd take it with her on tour in the camper this summer. I'm looking forward to it. When it's dirty it just goes in the washing machine and when I'm cold I just snuggle up in it, it's big enough.⁣"🚀



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