What's Your Favourite Colour?

30. mar. 2022 FunnyFuzzyUKTeam

FuzzyNow Vol.07 Mar 2022
What's Your Favourite Colour?

🌈What's Your Favourite Colour? Yellow, green, brown, cream or... You can leave your favorite color in the comments.
*FuzzyNow is a collection of buyers' shows where you can see various photos about the products in use.

"I don't usually pose with a lead, but I need to big up this Sport Multifunction Lead.😊✨
This sports lead is the most versatile lead I've used and is a dream when using on our runs (you may have seen us using it in our stories). It has an elastic part so that it stretches and prevents discomfort from sudden pulls. 

Papa prefers to hold the handle like a regular lead when running, but you can also adjust it to clip around your waist or across your chest so you can go hands free which is ideal if you want to maintain proper running form or just want to give your arms a break 😅
Oh and I forgot to mention that the lead also doubles as a car seat belt 🙌🏾"


"When you snooze you lose ? (or rather win)
💤 Zelda absolutely loves it 🌿💚 It’s well-made and have a soft material 💚 "


"- Do you like it? I love my blanket !
It has a modern design, in the shape of a leaf and the colour is ideal!
It's quilted and the best thing is that I don't get hot. 😁."


"Good morning my beautiful friends!
For my weekend I didn't miss anything....
Walks in the woods...relaxing in the snow and magical atmospheres....🎉
Thanks to my beautiful bag that turns into a warm blanket ... I was super comfortable everywhere."💖


"Today we went for a bike ride in the area, and trying out the handy picnic blanket. With this even the cool weather can be endured.🐶"


"My two boys looking very smart in their waterproof coats.🎉
Swipe to see how super reflective they are and how easily the boys move about in them.💕"


 "Working on an anxious dog’s confidence is a long and often tiresome journey, usually only taking baby steps - but it can be so rewarding when making progress. 💕⁣
Our multi-functional lead has been so useful - I’ve worn it as a hands free lead, giving me more flexibility and the ability to fully concentrate on Nancy, not having to worry about handling a normal lead. ⁣👏
You can also wear the lead around the waist, so Sid and I went for a jog today! ⁣"🐶



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